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Arsenal Fans Need to Forget About The Invincible’s Season, Stop Living off Past Success and Start Looking Forward

Arsenal head coach, head coach, Invincibles

I'm starting to think that Arsenal’s faithful are a bunch of rear view mirror supporters, more comfortable with the past than the present because there’s been so much emphasis on Liverpool beating Arsenal’s 49 match unbeaten run during the Invincibles season on social media. Let’s be honest, surely fans would swap

Has Guendouzi put an end to his Arsenal Career or is Arteta ‘the Redeemer’ Offering the Chance of Another Miracle

Matteo Guendouzi

When Sven Mislintat bought Matteo Guendouzi to Arsenal for £7m+ from Lorient in 2018, the media and fans were impressed. The young Frenchman was seen as a spunky acquisition who had plenty of drive and ambition at a time when the Gunners were lacking in both. What he lacked in experience,

Cazorla Homecoming Could Actually Become a Reality but in What Capacity

Arteta, Cazorla

It was a love affair that sadly ended abruptly, leaving both parties, the fans and the player, with a great deal of unresolved business. Cazorla was embraced by Arsenal fans, from his first appearance in red and white. The magical little playmaker was adored because his natural game is the

Is Kieran Tierney the new Pawn in a Transfer Riddle Similar to the Clive Allen/Kenny Sansom Situation in the 80’s

Kieran Tierney, Tierney Leicester transfer

Rumours that Arsenal are prepared to sell Kieran Tierney to Leicester City left most Arsenal supporters dumbfounded and confused. Why would the North London club spend £25m on a highly rated left back only to sell him on for the same amount ? Mikel Arteta hasn’t even had a chance to

Arsenal Need to dig Deep Into Their Pockets to Keep the Vultures Away From Their Best and the Brightest

Arsenal, Arsenal transfer, transfer window

It’s like hitting the rewind button and traveling back to a time when Arsenal players were the subject of unwanted attention and potential transfer moves away from the North London club. This time it’s not the big name established stars but a whole host of Arsenal’s brightest emerging talent, with

Pochettino‘s Claims and Definition of Success are Laughable in the Eyes of Arsenal Fans

Mauricio Pochettino, Pochettino Arsenal manager, Pochettino

What success ? Asked former Arsenal forward Paul Merson. This was in reply to Jeff Sterlings reference to Sky Sports' interview with Pochettino and Spurs' habit of falling short in the premiership title race when he asked “Is this the pinnacle of their success ?” Of course, every Arsenal fan enjoyed

Is Le Havre’s Pape Gueye Really the Answer to Arsenal’s midfield problems

Pape Gueye, Pape gueye linked to Arsenal

There can be hardly any doubt that Arsenal have as many issues in the middle as they do at the back and there have been many suggestions of the type of player they need along with a number of names, the newest among them being Pape Gueye. An outright attacking midfielder,

These are the two top Targets Arsenal are Said to Have in Mind for the Summer but They Might Just Have to Scale Down

Upamecano, Kokcu, Arsenal summer targets

Feyenoord midfielder Orkun Kokcu and RB Leipzig defender Dayot Upamecano are said to be the top targets for Arsenal in the summer but the gunners will have to dig deep into their sparse pockets to land either. Bayern Munich and Barcelona are in the hunt for Upamecano and he will require

Going Backwards:- Arsenal are now in the Market for the Cast offs of Premier League Clubs

Adam Lallana, Arsenal interested in Lallana

The news that Arsenal are allegedly considering a move for Adam Lallana is hard to swallow for any Gunners fan. He’s a reasonable player for sure, but if he’s not good enough for the Premier League leaders why should he be good enough for Arsenal ? It’s even more annoying when you