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Why Arsenal Were Wrong to axe Santi Cazorla but Were Absolutely Right to Chop Jack Wilshere

Jack Wilshere, Cazorla

It’s painful to admit because I personally loved Jack Wilshere at Arsenal, but Arsenal were one hundred percent right to let the player move on. Unlike the decision to release Santi Cazorla after a long term injury, the Wilshere situation was relatively simple and entirely justified.

Jack could never last an entire season and will be regarded by many as either a fragile talent that never reached his true potential or as the most overrated player in the history of the Premier League.

Jack splits the opinion of the neutral observer but with Arsenal supporters, it’s clear he still holds a place in their affections even though he was out of the side more than he was in it.

It’s a tragic waste and we will never truly know what he could have achieved with the Gunners. What will remain is a clutch of memories that saw him sparkle on occasions without ever delivering.

He was deeply passionate about Arsenal and when Arsenal decided to let him go, his disappointment was completely obvious. Wilshere went to West Ham, professing that it was a club that was connected with his family but the words just didn’t ring true.

At the time, I questioned his ambition but as a London lad, it was a relatively pain free move for the player and his family. The hope of every Gunners fan was that he would suffer fewer injuries and show Arsenal what they were missing but in reality, it’s been a story of more disappointment due to injuries.

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He missed 193 days in the 2018/19 season with recurring ankle problems which amounts to 30 games. There followed a groin injury and no doubt, the ankle will again cause him to miss further games in the months ahead.

It’s said that West Ham have privately ruled out extending the player’s stay and that the MLS may be his next destination. As sad as Arsenal fans were at his departure, they will know in their hearts that the decision was in the best interests of the club.

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