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Player ratings : 4-0 Drubbing at Anfield

Arsenal team of 11 rockstars made us gloriously proud on sunday at Anfield in a performance which is in the likelihood to be immortalized like the 8-2 slaughter against Manchester United which we all remember so gloriously like it was yesterday.

Last season also saw the Gunners outplayed, outclassed and out muscled  much like they were at Anfield in a 3-1 defeat, alongside a 3-0 humiliation by the mighty Crystal Palace.

And now new season, a summer full of “ Catalyst of change “, and yet we have played three won one match barely scrapping through and proudly losing the other two.

Leaving us with 3 points from 9 and 16 in the table of 20.

We are proud to be Arsenal are’t we ?

Quite unbelievably sad, how we played. Had we forfeited the match it would provided us a graceful 3-0 scoreline then i assume.

Heres a look at how we at arsedevils rate our team of rockstars for making history at Anfield :

Arsenal Player Ratings at Anfield:

Goalkeeper –

Petr Cech : 6.0

Probably our man of the match on the day.

Made a number of saves in the first half specially the save from Salah.

Had it not been for this guy we would probably have shipped 8 goals or more leading to probably riots outside the Emirates.

Not really at fault for any of the goals and made good saves throughout.

Back Three –

Rob Holding : 3.0

Probably at fault for the second goal giving too much room.

The thing about a lack of confidence was clear to see for everyone during this match.

Left Firminho unmarked also, but on a day like individual performances cannot be criticized if the team only forgets what they were meant to do on the pitch.

Laurent Koscielny : 5.0

A genuine world class centre back.

Any real sort of defence or  a tackle from the team and you could see it was him.

Definitely suffered from the lack or support or the huge space left in front of him.

We expect to see him at his best after the International Break soon enough.

Nacho Monreal : 3.0

He had a torrid time dealing with Salah, winning only a handful of his duals with the Egyptian all game.

Clearly needs to have a better sense of positioning if he is to play at centre back.

Looked vulnerable everytime coming up against any of the front three at Anfield specially Mane and Salah.

Midfield –

Hector Bellerin : 2.0

Clearly had a terrible game. Earlier he forgets the better for him.

Gifted a goal to Salah. We hope Salah has send him best wishes for that otherwise thats just plain rude.

Looked Shocking and at times claustrophobic will the ball at his feet. Clearly had other things to do than play the match.

Aaron Ramsey : 2.0

Our very own Modric from Wales.

Completely unaware defensively, didn’t track runs, didn’t work hard, didn’t do anything properly at all.

Other teams have Kante, Matic, Toure. If he is our solution to that role then like he said “ Something needs to change at AFC ” .

Helped Jese get a debut goal last time around.

Unlucky to have been subbed at otherwise and hence unable to replicate his noble deeds this time around too.

Granit Xhaka : 1.0

Xhaka almost exhorted the entire defence to concede cheap goals by offering zero protection to the back three.

Not like he provided any sort of foundation to any of the attacking players either.

Maybe he felt like a spectator than a player on the pitch as he watched the Anfield home team midfield bypass him throughout the match.

Picked up a routine booking too.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain : 3.0

Well this guy seemed like he had other thing on his mind rather than fight for the badge in the front of his jersey.

Could that be Chelsea, Liverpool or maybe he was asking himself how on earth were Gazidis and Co offering him 180k a week.

If anything his performance showed its the fact the markets full blown crazy to throw around numbers like that for players like him.

Kudos to him for thinking he can tackle, create, pass and assist in the centre of the part with the creativity hes shown at Anfield.

Front Three –

Alexis Sanchez : 3.0

Offered next to nothing on the pitch apart from a couple of darting runs.

Doesn’t seem like the guy that scored 30 goals last season and that could be down to a lack of match fitness.

Was even caught smiling on the bench as his team mates were getting shreded to bits out there.

He seemed to have lost interest after the third goal and was soon subbed off.

Mesut Ozil : 4.0

His attacking contribution or effectiveness cannot be questioned and those who do clearly do not know sh*it.

What i fault him for is that he lost the ball 19 times. Thats something which makes him culpable also.

One thing i loved seeing him do was make a sliding tackle in an attempt to get the ball.

Needs to work no doubt on his tracking back and effectiveness without the ball.

Created a couple of clear chances.

Welback : 2.0

Cant give him lower than that probably but definitely not more than that.

Blasted the first chance from either team over the bar.

Wonder if hes ever heard of the word called finishing or clinical.

Made an effort throughout the match but whats the point if you have never heard of the word called finishing.

If only he had an effective and proven goalscorer ready to take his place.

OH WAIT we do.

Substitutes – Cannot bother rating them.

Lacazette , Giroud , Coquelin .

All got on and did something. Cannot bother enough to state what they did.

If they had done something worthwhile it would have reflected in the scoreline.

Alas they did not and we cannot write about them either.

Only thing that can be said is that either Giroud or Lacazette should have started.


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