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Arsenal’s Anonymity Behind Who’s Pulling the Strings During the Transfer Window Casts one big Shadow on Potential Recruits

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There’s a burning question that needs clarification at Arsenal football club. Who’s pulling the strings in terms of transfer activity ? Since Unai Emery’s reign, I’ve long suspected that the Gunners complicated management structure has meant that an array of people are involved in the transfer activity and negotiation processes. Everyone

Why Don Raul Might Have to Bite the Bullet if Arsenal Fail to Strengthen in the January Transfer Window

Raul Sanllehi, January transfer window

We’ve heard the reasoning, the explanations and the tiresome excuses as to why Arsenal don’t like the January transfer window and why they will only buy strategically to cover injuries or because of shortages in other areas. Like every other Arsenal supporter, I understand there was a hefty amount of investment

Has the Transfer Window Come at the Wrong Time for Arteta

Mikel Arteta, January transfer window, arsenal loan transactions, arsedevils, Burnley, Arteta

There’s two ways to look at the January transfer window. Firstly, from a fans perspective, there surely isn’t a single supporter who hasn’t identified the genuine need for two centre backs and possibly another creative midfielder. The defensive issue is and has been a burning concern for several seasons and although

Why Emery Failed: Too Much Change for it to Ever Work and not Enough Control for the Coach

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The brave new world under Raul Sanllehi didn’t exactly go to plan and he must now assume his fair share of responsibility for the failure and dismissal of Unai Emery. Let’s try to make sense of what happened and why it was necessary before moving forward to the future. Emery arrived

Arsenal and Sanllehi Hatch Emergency Transfer Bid in January to Stop the Rot

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It’s been suggested that Arsenal are readying themselves to make a bid in the January transfer window to tighten up their defense, which is freely leaking goals. Over the last few seasons supporters have been reminded that Arsenal don’t participate in the less productive transfer period but their current plight has