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Why Allegri is the Brilliant and the Natural choice to Replace the Irreplaceable Arsene Wenger and what Wenger thinks of him

Allegri, Wenger replacement

Massimilliano Allegri leads the table of candidates to replace The Irreplaceable Arsene Wenger, at the helm of affairs for The Gunners, according to Skysports sources.

If this is true, then it is imperative to see what he can offer this group of players, in order to mutate them from perennial somewhat-contenders, to outright favorites to win the Premier League.

Make no mistake, this group of players are certainly capable of being just that, irrespective of their 6th placed finish and a trophy-less season.

Before the pitchforks are unleashed and the lynch mob is gathered, it is important to state that, Arsene did his best with the side, as much as his reclining tactical-onus could but the reality is that this team are capable of so much more and its a question of when can they finally get everything right and go on to win the League.

Plus, integral members of the group such as Pierre Emerick Aubameyang, Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Konstatinos Mavropanos to name a few, only joined halfway through the season.

Furthermore, Wenger’s penchant for self sabotage, remains the source of the team’s inability to become a formidable force to reckon with and achieve limitless success under his guidance in the last 11 years, this one inclusive.

From absurd substitutions during a game, to playing professionals outside their default positions, to out-rightly deciding not to purchase players required to strengthen the team and/or improve on their weaknesses.

Phew! ?.

Before we digress, let’s take a closer look at what makes Massimilliano Allegri, such a preferred option above all the candidates with illustrious CVs to boast of.

For starters, Allegri is that type of Manager who believes in preparing his team well enough to engage any opposition i.e… he doesn’t subscribe to watching clips of opposition before he faces them… Sound familiar?

In his words, he sees himself as a “Natural Manager”. This is no stranger to an Ardent Arsenal supporter especially under Wenger’s reign. Here’s a quote from his interview with a Skysports journalist:

“There’s so much pressure at this level of football, and there should be,”

“But I try to remember why I do this. I don’t think of myself as a manager. I think of myself as a youth coach. I do this because I love teaching. It is truly the joy of my life. I like making players better and smarter”

Arsene always described himself as a “Football Purist” which basically translates to the same School of Thought Allegri leans towards.

On a more positive note, Allegri is a man easily described as a young Wenger in terms of his winners-mentality and adaptability to loss of key members in his squad.

By the end of this weekend, he will have won 4 successive Serie-A titles ahead of current Chelsea Boss, Antonio Conte’s record at Juventus.

The following week, Allegri stands a chance of winning the double in the Italian version of The FA cup against former employers AC Milan.

Even more exciting is the attention Allegri pays to developing his players across the board and improving on their abilities via his unique training drills.

His on-demand tactical-onus is definitely an upgrade compared to his potential predecessor, as seen most recently in the Champions league game against Maurico Pochettino’s Spurs.

Pep Guardiola’s assistant and former Arsenal Skipper Mikel Arteta is believed to be runners up to Allegri for the managerial appointment, according to sources.

Either way, one can easily conclude that exciting times are ahead for the Gunners… So long as he, Allegri, delivers.

In other news, Arsene Wenger’s pre match press conference holds a lot of update on Today’s game with Leicester, his future and much more on

Here are a few quotes from therein:

On his takeaway from The Burnley game:

“The goodbye, but first of all our game, the quality of our game. It typified our home season a little bit, that was outstanding, and the number of goals we scored. We didn’t score too many goals away but overall we scored 72 goals and we still have two games to go. Going forward, we played well. Also the fact that it all went well, from the sunshine to the final moment I left the pitch, it all went well. I had a good opportunity to say goodbye to everybody.”

His Opinion on Luis Enrique and Massimilliano Allegri as his successor:

“I know these guys are very competent and all good names. I will be like every Arsenal fan, I will wait until they’ve made a decision and then afterwards support the guy in doing well.”

On if he has had any offers yet:

“Yes. More than I expected!”

Next up ? is Leicester City at The King Power Stadium tonight.

Time: 18:45 GMT

Venue: King Power Stadium

Competition : Premier League


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