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This is how Close Roman Abramovich had Come to Changing the Course of Arsenal Football Club Forever and What Went Wrong

Roman Abramovich, Abramovich linked to Arsenal, Chelsea

The timing was almost perfect, Arsenal just crowned the Invincibles in 2004 and at the same time, the Russian oligarch known as Roman Abramovich was looking to buy a football club in the Premier League to invest his considerable fortune in. If that deal had been done then, who knows what

49 Unbeaten: The day Arsenal’s Invincible’s Lost to a Barbaric and Inferior Manchester United

Manchester United, Arsenal, FA Cup, Premier League

In October 2004, Arsenal were on an unbeaten run of 49 games and in excellent attacking form. The next game up was Manchester United at Old Trafford in what promised to be a classic game of football that would act as an advertisement for the quality of the Premier League. What it became

No Excuses of Poverty will be Accepted -Arsenal Need to Sell off the Deadwood Including These First Team Stars

Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Henrikh, Mkhitaryan

I never like the sound of it when an Arsenal manager/coach starts talking favourably about a loan player who desperately needs to be move on. Henrikh Mkhitaryan was the result of a horrible experiment between Arsenal, Manchester United and Alexis Sanchez that promised both sides untold riches, but which left

The Arsenal boardroom: – A Haven for Cowards, Imposters, Swindlers, Cheapskates and con Artists

Arsenal head coach, head coach, Invincibles, Arsenal board

Over the years, my absolute loathing of the Arsenal board and the club’s American owner has become increasingly intense. There was the sacking of Wenger for the countless trophy-less seasons, which they had a hand in. Then they embarked on a radical restructuring at the top end of the club and

Wenger’s invincible’s or Graham’s 89’ Team:- Dixon’s Suggestion Divides Arsenal Fans Right Down the Middle

Arsenal head coach, head coach, Invincibles, Arsenal board

When Lee Dixon went on record with his recent comments on the Invincibles and Graham's '89 side, little did he know he would open up a passionate discussion that would divide some fans straight down the middle from their seats at the Emirates to their perches in the local pubs. He