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Reliving Bergkamp’s 90 Mins of Magnificence From 1997: The Greatest hat-trick in Premier League History

Dennis Bergkamp, Newcastle United vs Arsenal, Leicester City vs Arsenal

Firstly, I make no apology for my obsession with Dennis Bergkamp. The Dutchman was one of the finest players to grace the Arsenal shirt, with his brand of dreamy, exhilarating and exquisite football which underlined his undeniable and obvious brilliance. Many wanted him to score more goals than the 87 Premier

‘ Kanu Believe it ‘ Arsenal Striker’s hat Trick Condemns Chelsea to a Surprise Defeat in the FA Cup

Nwankwo Kanu, FA Cup 1999, Chelasea vs Arsenal

1999 saw the highly anticipated clash between two London rivals - Chelsea and Arsenal - at Stamford Bridge in the FA Cup and the unbelievable hat-trick of Nwankwo Kanu. Arsenal under Arsene Wenger would eventually finish the season in second place, 18 points behind Manchester United. That served as a reminder

Arsenal’s Identity Crisis – The Old, the new or the Basic : Which Badge Best Represents the Club

Arsenal badge

When Arsenal’s old badge was reinvented in 2002, it changed from a Gothic style typeface with the westward facing cannon and the Borough of Islington’s coat of arms with ermine, to a slick modern Arsenal badge minus the club motto Victoria Concordia Crescit (Victory Grows Through Harmony) which left many

Frank McLintock or Tony Adams: Who is Arsenal’s Captain fantastic?

Frank McLintock, Tony Adams, Arsenal captain

As Arsenal captains go, few have managed to completely fulfill the criteria and gain the respect and adoration of supporters. I have had the pleasure to see two of the best and only Frank McLintock and Tony Adams can be considered for the accolade of Arsenal’s best captain ever. Before we

Thierry Henry: The King of Highbury and Arsenal’s Greatest Goal Scorer

Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry oozed class in his time at Arsenal. He was a player that somehow became synonymous with the style of play that Arsene Wenger wanted which was based on speed, skill, and freedom of expression. He was able to create something memorable, something magical and in his time with

49 Unbeaten: The day Arsenal’s Invincible’s Lost to a Barbaric and Inferior Manchester United

Manchester United, Arsenal, FA Cup, Premier League

In October 2004, Arsenal were on an unbeaten run of 49 games and in excellent attacking form. The next game up was Manchester United at Old Trafford in what promised to be a classic game of football that would act as an advertisement for the quality of the Premier League. What it became

That Bergkamp goal : Was This the Best Ever Premier League Goal Scored by Arsenal

Dennis Bergkamp, Newcastle United vs Arsenal, Leicester City vs Arsenal

I8 years ago, the football world witnessed something remarkable, something that would be replayed and recalled in conversation as a stand out moment in the domestic game. The fixture was nothing special but when Newcastle United played Arsenal at St James’ Park on the 2nd of March 2002, those that

From Puberty to Highbury: Being an Arsenal Fan and Beyond

Arsenal supporter, supporter, Highbury Stadium

No one quite knows why one club is more appealing to a supporter than another. Normally, it’s through intense brainwashing from a much-loved Family dictator or due to a slow visual indoctrination from someone who lives and dies in a football shirt. Wedding:- Football shirt plus a smart jacket. Funeral:- Football shirt plus full

Remembering Geordie Armstrong: The Underrated Assassin on the Wing with 621 Arsenal Appearances but no National Full cap

George Armstrong

George ‘Geordie’ Armstrong was every inch the modern-day winger. Born in Hebburn in Newcastle in 1944, George Armstrong made his debut for the Gunners at the tender age of 17, making a total of 621 appearances, which was a record at the time of his departure in 1977. Blessed with a hunger and

Troubling Instance From the Past Which Resulted in the Football Season Almost Getting Cancelled

Hillsborough Disaster, Premier League, Liverpool, football season

As the Covid-19 virus raises questions on the Premier League continuing, we look back at last time the football season was almost cancelled. The prospect of a premature end to the football season is now a distinct possibility because of the outbreak and spread of Coronavirus, but it’s not the first time