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Is Emery Under Pressure To Deliver This Season or Will It Be Seen As Another Work In Progress Campaign


Let’s look at this situation objectively, Arsenal were broken before Arsene Wenger got unofficially sacked, long before it was even decided to appoint Emery as the new manager. The side couldn’t defend a windswept balloon wrapped in wet tissue and even worse, they only occasionally turned on the style for the fans.

They performed like an ageing, battered and punch drunk boxer, relying on instinct and the memories of past performances to function, but the problems had accumulated and doubled, perhaps trebled, over the years.

The owner, board, CEO and former manager are all culpable for Arsenal’s current problems, on and off the field and it’s now a long term project to resolve rather than the usual quick fix.

Emery has entered the gladiatorial arena to face battle, armed with a sharp stick and a sponge. He has nothing much to work with, he faces ongoing financial restrictions, dressing room unrest and a list of dysfunctional second rate players that need to go.

It’s enough to make a grown man cry and although Emery has the experience and patience, there is so much going against him that this coming season is becoming crucial.

Surely, it’s too early to place so much emphasis on the next campaign with so many issues involved.

No, not really. For Arsenal to keep on level terms with the contenders, they MUST compete in the Champions League and get as far as the knockout stages to make them financially sustainable. They’ve failed to make the CL for three consecutive seasons, a forth is unthinkable.

Should Arsenal underperform and not show a degree of improvement, then Emery will certainly start to feel the heat.

It’s almost expected.

Arsenal football club don’t generally follow the usual footballing blueprint of sacking managers that fail to deliver, but that could change as financial pressures are magnified.

Arsenal are suddenly a business rather than a family run concern and Stan Kroenke is looking to avoid further conflict with the supporters. Success will act as a distraction and people eventually forget, although maybe not in this case.

In this respect, Emery has much to contemplate because he is looking down the barrel of a gun before a ball is kicked.


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Edu’s arrival as technical director, will signal the beginning of something special in terms of recruitment or it may signal the beginning of the end for Spaniard.

Emery is a strong character and is mentally tough. He’ll need to be, all things considered.

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