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Fans tell Arsenal And Emery To Forget Coutinho And To Promote Willock In Midfield

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The rumour that Arsenal were looking to liberate Phillippe Coutinho from his Barcelona hell, have been vastly exaggerated according to a few media sources because the player can’t see himself with any other club in the premiership than Liverpool because of his bond with the Merseyside outfit.

This is something I find laughable because he quickly forgot about his emotional ties once Barcelona came calling but it’s fairly typical of today’s talented but self absorbed footballer.

The ability to pick and choose whilst justifying decisions and touting for buyers is rife. It appears that in in today’s market, the transfer window that has few scruples.

Coutinho left Liverpool to increase his personal profile and was seduced at the prospect of playing for one of the world’s biggest clubs and lining up with Lionel Messi.

I’ve no problem with that but don’t make it sound like he joined the Catalan club against his will and was crying as he left Liverpool. He wasn’t.

If Coutinho is serious about starting over, then Arsenal present as good an opportunity as any and had he listened to his inner voice, he may already be in possession of a Champions league medal.

The fact that Coutinho would be mixing it with the premiership elite, in the company of Ozil, Pepe, Ceballos, Aubameyang and Lacazette, should entice the midfielder into a move.

However, Arsenal fans think that as talented as Coutinho may be, his services are not genuinely required because of the recent performances of Joe Willock.

It’s an argument that’s hard to disagree with, because Willock (19) is showing genuine natural skills and inner intensity that defines a good midfielder. He does the work, in and out of possession, shows passion in the Arsenal colours and has the quality to make his mark in the premiership.


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Given the choice, as exciting as the arrival of Coutinho would be, Willock has earned his chance and using the relatively inexperienced academy star, is no different to the promotion of Cesc Fabregas. Coming from the Hale end, Willock knows what it means to play for the Gunners and there will be no shortage of passion and desire on the pitch for sure when he plays.

If Coutinho doesn’t fancy joining Arsenal, that’s fine but he needs to be aware that he will probably leave Barcelona sooner rather than later and Liverpool’s respectful distance from the situation suggests to me that the player left on bad terms.

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