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Arsenal Fans Need to Forget About The Invincible’s Season, Stop Living off Past Success and Start Looking Forward

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I’m starting to think that Arsenal’s faithful are a bunch of rear view mirror supporters, more comfortable with the past than the present because there’s been so much emphasis on Liverpool beating Arsenal’s 49 match unbeaten run during the Invincibles season on social media.

Let’s be honest, surely fans would swap that record for running close for the premiership title or a trophy, any trophy, yet it appears not. The mentality for holding on to past achievements is completely meaningless in terms of the clubs current situation. The notion is plain daft !

It has to be recognised that the Invincibles season’s 49 game unbeaten record has become a monkey on Arsenal’s back because it became the last big achievement. Then came the decline and ever since, fans have had to rely on their memories of ‘the good old days‘ instead of getting behind the current coach and team.

If Liverpool surpass the record, which looks highly likely, perhaps Arsenal can move out of the shadows, completely detach itself from its own restrictive history and begin to work on new objectives and targets. Liverpool were guilty to a degree of feeding off their past until Klopp arrived, now look at them but many supporters simply don’t get it.

Social media is again awash with reluctant supporters wanting the winners of the Champions league fail.

“I’d rather win nothing for the next 10 years than see Liverpool take our record”

Said one:

“I’m only praying after they win the title they’ll start to relax.”

Added another:

“Instead of wasting 18 months on Emery, Arsenal should have bought in Klopp. It’s all about not spending money isn’t it.”

And finally:

“We blew it letting Klopp go there. Surely he would have preferred to come here if Wenger was willing to step aside when he was available.”


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I’ll be happy if Liverpool don’t equal the Invincibles record, but I won’t be heart broken if they do. I’m more concerned with where we are going rather than where we’ve been and discovering our football style is more important than anything. Do that and we’ll compete at the highest level for trophies, the rest is just irrelevant.

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