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Arsenal Attempt to Buy Ozil Out in a Desperate Last Attempt at Divorce

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Arsenal have tried just about everything to rid themselves of Mesut Ozil, they exhausted the battle of wills, dropped him, froze him out and let him go on holiday during a cup final. None of that seemed to register in the German’s brain as he stuck to his contract like a leach and happily trousered £350,000 to sit at home during the rebooted football season.

With Arsenal failing to extract the required response, they are now looking at paying him off as Manchester United have done with Alexis Sanchez. One suspects Arsenal wanted Ozil to throw his toys out of the pram by demanding a transfer, but he has refused to react.

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In a pitiful last attempt at divorce, as reported by the Mirror, the club wants him to accept an £18m golden handshake that allows both parties to move forward. Evidently, Ozil has the skin of a rhinoceros and may not even be motivated by the offer if he feels it’s a matter of principle.

It’s said that he’s not one for backing down in a situation and with the way Arsenal have handled this publicity disaster, I think this could go on a while longer until the playmaker feels vindicated.

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Short of driving him off the edge of a cliff, the club have to find some form of resolution even if its the form of financial remuneration. If Ozil agrees, it will allow Arsenal greater latitude in the transfer market to find his replacement or pay for other reinforcements. There have already been conversations between the parties but no deal has yet been agreed.

Arsenal are determined that he play no further part in the club’s upcoming season and they will be heavily locked in discussion until he either goes or spends his remaining time at the club on the bench or at home.

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