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Arsenal Need To Rethink Their Strategy As Celtic Play Hardball Over Tierney Transfer

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Arsenal’s representatives will once again sit around a table with their counterparts from Celtic and agent of Kieran Tierney to tweak the details of the recent £25m offer.

There is a deal to be done and it could be concluded within days, provided Arsenal increase the upfront figure to Celtics satisfaction.

With the Emirates accountants hanging on to every cent like their very existence depends on it, it’s a deal that’s likely to result in lunches and late nights before handshakes are exchanged, but it’s close.

Arsenal would be stupid to invest so much time and energy pursuing a player they clearly want, only to see a deal fall apart because the sums involved which add up to the figure Celtic want couldn’t be jiggled slightly.

The proposals as I understand them were for £10m for two years and £5m in year three, but it’s thought that Arsenal were trying to put a smaller lump sum down for the first year, with the remainder being paid over this season.

It’s also thought that Arsenal are haggling because Kieran isn’t fit to start the season and could miss up to 8 weeks plus, but Arsenal aren’t really in a position of strength in the deal because Celtic don’t really want to sell.

They can wait until Arsenal meet their terms in full the following season or another bid from a rival club comes in.

Football 365 have claimed that Arsenal were losing patience over the deal but to be fair, Celtic held all the aces and have from the outset. If this deal breaks down, it will be because the Scottish champions were after more money, which will NOT be forthcoming !

One has to feel slightly sorry for Arsenal’s representatives with their exhausting limitations. Negotiating a deal for Arsenal must be like a guy trying to organise his own funeral after his death.

There’s no position from which Arsenal can apply any pressure of leverage and suggestions that the limited budget of £45m is just a business strategy to get a better deal is utter tosh.

I doubt anyone within the Arsenal structure is that bright to initiate a smokescreen of this nature, not after their clumsy admission in January that they had no money to spend.


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I expect Arsenal to rework the offer for Kieran Tierney with options and time running short and apparently, Unai Emery has made it clear that he wants this deal made.

Elsewhere, Edu is busy with his contacts in Brazil and don’t rule out any surprises as he looks in his own backyard for quality bargains.

He was said to be a key player in securing Gabriel Martinelli and if the Tierney transfer falls through, the technical director can supply options in the form of Marcelo (Real Madrid) Alex Sandro (Juventus)and Alex Telles (Porto)

It’s thought that the deal for Everton Soares is just a formality with Edu jetting out to his homeland to wrap things up personally.

For further updates, keep following Arsedevils.

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