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Why Mikel Arteta Could Pull off a Master Stroke by Bringing Back Cazorla

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Hardly a day goes by without supporters missing the truly gifted players that once used to grace the Arsenal team. Bergkamp, Henry and Pires are names that trip off the tongue from a long, long list of outstanding players but there is a more recent name, Santi Cazorla.

The little Spanish magician was a firm fans favourite and the way he played sticks in the memory because of his artistry, appetite, energy and infectious smile.

Sadly, his Arsenal career fizzled out prematurely with a horrific injury that nearly claimed his leg. Doctors advised Cazorla to be content with walking again after he lost 8 centimetres of the Achilles and gangrene set in, but he kept going and Villarreal welcomed him back with open arms after Arsenal dismissed his chances of playing at the top level.

He not only dazzled the crowds but he also won a call up to the Spanish National side. Not bad for someone deemed a right off !

Cazorla has recently mentioned his departure from Arsenal and said:

“I never got to say a proper goodbye. It was the biggest team I played for in my career and I miss everything about Arsenal.”

He added:

“I don’t know what my legacy is there, you would have to ask the fans, but I want to say thank you to them all. I would like to play at the Emirates one last time before I retire.”

Cazorla has wished Arteta well in his new role and mentioned how grateful he was for the kindness the new Arsenal coach showed him during their time together at the club.

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So will there be a reunion as a player or coach ?

Some fans almost exploded with excitement at the prospect of the midfielders return in some capacity and Cazorla added to the hopeful speculation by saying:

“I will certainly have to work out what I want to be doing and it is right to say that we have a great relationship and many times we have talked about what the future will bring us.”

“I will always be open to helping him because he is my friend and also because of all the things he did for me when I came to England”

“I would love to go back to Arsenal. I lived in London for six years. My son loved it there. In the future, we will see if I have the possibility.”

At 35, his return may be unlikely as a player, but Cazorla is the type of person that one should never entirely rule out of any scenario, he’s proved that repeatedly over the last few years.

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He could bolster the Arsenal midfield once more, before joining Arteta and his coaching staff and you won’t find any supporters opposed to that idea.

Stay Tuned to know more!

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