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Christmas Comes Early as Arteta Plans to Bring Bergkamp Back to Arsenal?

Dennis Bergkamp, Arsenal

It’s hard not to get uncontrollably excited by the possible return of Arsenal icon and football genius Dennis Bergkamp. For a great many fans, Bergkamp’s career at Arsenal coincided with a period that bought unparalleled success, praise, and admiration.

Bergkamp arrived at Arsenal in 1995 during the pie and a pint culture which had saturated the English game but by the time he retired (2006), he was seen as one of the foreign pioneers that helped turn it into an art form.

He introduced finesse and artistry to Arsenal’s game, but he needed a like-minded soul to bring a level of football to these shores that had never been witnessed and it came in the form of Arsene Wenger.

It’s almost history repeating itself that Mikel Arteta, who wants to recreate that flair has reached out to the Dutchman to become his number two. Arsenal fans must have filled A & E departments throughout the Country as they began, spontaneously, combusting at the prospect of Arteta and Bergkamp in the dugout, with Edu gazing down on the pair.

Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry, Arsenal
Photo Credit: Gary M Prior/Getty Images

There are no comparisons in terms of the status Bergkamp attained whilst at Arsenal, not even Henry comes close to the level of brilliance exhibited by the Arsenal number 10 at his absolute best.

Henry describes Bergkamp as the best player he ever played with and the pair were irresistible on the same side. While Henry had the blistering pace, the audacity, the bravado, and killer finish, Bergkamp had the poise, the grace, the intelligence, the vision, and the touch, which Henry took full advantage of.

Arteta is hoping that the introduction of Dennis Bergkamp can influence a host of willing young students as a coach. I doubt that even the most experienced player in the ranks will be able to avoid being star struck because of the aura of Dennis Bergkamp.

Ordinary goals were for ordinary players, all the Dutchman wanted was to entertain and score great goals, like the one against Newcastle at St. James Park. Go to YouTube and relieve your personal favourite, I do regularly.

Bergkamp’s appointment is also a statement by Arteta. Emery couldn’t find Arsenal’s heart or soul, between Arteta and Bergkamp, they are the embodiment of both.


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The style of football they want, the professionalism they demand, the hunger, desire, and ambition that flows through their veins is surely enough to convince, even the most pessimistic supporter, that this club can claw its way back from mediocrity to superiority.

Even if they both fall short on this scintillating journey, Arsenal will be more attractive and competitive for their collaboration. Bergkamp could be coming home – pinch yourself!!!

Stay tuned to know more!

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