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Kroenke Needs to Bite The Bullet And Rebuild The Club Regardless of The Losses

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This is a crucial transfer window for Arsenal football club that will have a major impact on next season and those that follow. If Stan Kroenke keeps his hands in his pockets and fails to support his young coach Mikel Arteta, there’s a really strong chance that Arsenal will continue their descent to lower reaches of the Premier League table.

The Gunners managed to get the 8th slot due to the spirit that Arteta instilled into his players but as the top clubs reinvest and reinforce, Arsenal are in danger of falling even further behind Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Chelsea.

It’s time for Kroenke’s KSE to speculate, to accumulate and pump money into the club that they may never see again. I’m hearing some of you saying “That’s not how you run a business”, well, neither are the last ten years of football’s equivalent of The Mighty Boosh.

The club has had patchy financial input, made a succession of bad deals, and failed to address its deficiencies resulting in an inability to compete. Kroenke has a responsibility to back his manager and be seen to want what the fans want…success.

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I don’t want to hear about Covid-19 because crafty Stan Kroenke wouldn’t think twice about pumping millions into his American sports interests. Don’t expect me or any other supporter to respect and abide by the rules of business when the team has been allowed to drop out of contention on just about every level.

I’m glad we won the FA Cup by beating Chelsea 2-1 in the final, which allowed us a free pass into the Europa League, but a few days after taking the trophy back to North London, I suddenly stopped smiling sloppily and realised that the FA Cup was a prize which has no real prestige compared to the Premier League title.

Over recent seasons, I had somewhat snobbishly looked at the FA Cup with a degree of contempt, only because I believe Arsenal deserve more. I had become giddy at winning a cup and didn’t seem to care about the bigger picture. The win is a band-aid on a much deeper wound and one that Kroenke is happy to gloss over.

For Arteta, it’s a remarkable turn around in fortunes, but Arsenal are as far away from winning a title as they were under Wenger and Emery, unless Kroenke invests. Is that what Arsenal are going to become? A club that can compete only on a lesser level for lesser prizes?

Kroenke should be able to provide funds of £150m, of which, he could easily recover £90m plus in sales. If he were to offload Özil, then the picture would be even brighter but Kroenke is at the point of no return and MUST aid Arteta in putting Arsenal back on the footballing map.


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No excuses. I don’t want to hear about the club needing to be profitable when it can’t make the top four anymore and has just had its worst finish for 25 years.

If Kroenke doesn’t deliver what Arteta needs in the upcoming transfer window, he needs to re-evaluate his position and find an opportunity that isn’t akin to make a statue out of warm butter. He is surely capable of success but success comes at a price, you just have to be willing to pay.

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