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Why Paul Pogba needs to be Instrumental if United wish to Win the League

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Paul Pogba has had huge shoes to fill, he is part of an illustrious pedigree of players who have worn the colors of the Red Devils. Every game Manchester United takes to the field, fans and pundits world over hope that this will be the game when they can finally see the latent talents of these players come to fore and in almost every match they end up disappointed.

Pogba has talent, that is undeniable, but so far playing at Old Trafford, he has not shown a tenth of what he can truly do. He has been lackluster, not connecting the ball from the middle and feeding it to the sides or to the front, but when he does produce those small bursts of magic, its football magic. He is one of the few players who can have the most impact in a game by hanging onto the ball for few minutes as possible, he works as a conduit for the ball to reach the attacking centers and wingers of United.

Lately, however, the manager has been quite vocal about his displeasure with the way Pogba has been playing. He is known to have singled out Pogba’s performance during the first half of the derby. Maybe what the manager said got to Pogba which led to him playing some of the best football he has ever played in recent memory, he was instrumental in scoring two goals and was directly responsible for the match-clinching third from Smalling.

However, not even a week had gone by after Pogba and the Reds had thwarted the Citizens run at the top of the table, that they handed City the Premier League championship. United legend Paul Scholes ripped into Pogba after the game calling his actions on the field to be that of one who was trying to show off his spectacular talent. Pogba tried to flick the ball, tried to use flashy gimmicks when all he had to do was play a normal game, without drawing attention to himself and be efficient for the team.

The manager must have talked to him again after the match, in which he was subbed out less than 13 minutes into the second-half, because during the away game against Bournemouth, which was a trial match for finding the starting XI for the semi-finals against Spurs, Pogba was back at his normal self again. He was at the center of attention, driving the ball forward to either Rashford or Lingard, and eventually leading to a spectacular run from Lukaku to find the back of the net. Just what we always want to see from the Frenchman. 

Pogba performance in the The Semi-Final –

The Semi Final of the FA Cup against Spurs has to be one of the best performances we have seen from Pogba and the entire squad since this season started. Pogba was active from quite early in the game, trying to set up goals by feeding Romelu Lukaku, playing alongside Alexis Sanchez.

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The first goal from Sanchez, who expertly guided the ball into the back of the net after being fed with a beautiful ball by Pogba from the left side, was exactly the kind of stuff that people have been waiting to see from the Frenchman.

Pogba was instrumental, again, in the second goal as he fed the ball to Sanchez who played it off to Lukaku, who fed it to Herrera. Pogba was active in the center as his feet found the ball every time it made its way from De Gea. It was heartening to see Pogba finally shine and lift the team with his performance.

If Pogba continues to play the way he has been, then the title run next season will only be that much stronger and thats bascially what the manager needs to implement inside the player. To make him realize about his vitality and importance to the health of the club. He has is in him and thats something we all know. He knows that too and its high time that he starts showing that right out on the pitch each and everytime. 

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