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AC Milan Reportedly Launch Bid For Recently Signed Arsenal Player In What Seems To Be A Very Unlikely Deal

Lucas Torreira Arsenal

Arsenal look at the quick sale of Torreira to remedy their cash flow issues in the transfer market. Of all the players Arsenal could sell, Lucas Torreira isn’t too of any supporters list. Uruguayan ankle biter has established himself in the premiership and with the Arsenal fan base but apparently he remains unsettled.


As a result, it’s been suggested that Arsenal have set a fee of £45m to establish if AC Milan are really interested in Torreira. This is all hearsay and is based around the players translated comments which may have been taken out of context.
Former Arsenal chief executive officer  Gazidis is leading AC Milan’s urge to sign Torreira as he is wanted by the club’s new manager Marco Giampaolo, who worked with the Uruguayan at Sampdoria in Italy.
This transfer story hinges on relationship with Torreira with their newly appointed manager Giampaolo, with Torreira always in his starting XI in Serie A.
Yes, it’s not much of a link but the two news items together make for a story and now that Arsenal have apparently established a fee, it’s given the whole thing a life of its own.
The Mirror reported that Torreira’s agent fuelled the flames last week by stating,
“If Giampaolo’s call could be something special for Lucas? Yes, clearly.”
The agent’s name is Oscar Bentancourt and it would appear the mirror cropped the original quote, which was
“I know nothing of AC Milan’s interest. I only heard about it in the press. No one contacted me.  “If Giampaolo’s call could be something special for Lucas? Yes, clearly.
Ah, the naughty media, obviously at it again but realistically, if Torreira was genuinely unhappy, perhaps his departure would be preferable to that of Aubameyang or Lacazette who the press alternate in their transfer stories.
I don’t think his sale alone would solve Arsenal’s problems, when Ozil and Mustafi are dug in deep like an Alabama tick. They would also have to find a new holding midfielder which would probably cost more than the transfer fee.
No, no, this story makes no sense from Arsenal’s point of view with Torreira recently signed by the Gunners and already being a fan favorite and being it a loan deal with an option of making it a permanent deal for a mere 38 million pounds. It could be from the player’s perspective but not the club’s for sure.
Arsenal has not signed anyone since the summer transfer window has opened but there is a lot of speculation going on with the club linked with a number of players from different leagues in the world but announcements are expected once the new jersey and gear powered by the new adidas deal is launched on 1st of July.

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