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Stupidity of Arsenal Football Club Continues to Baffle Despite Being Reluctantly Forced into Action in the Transfer Window

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The stupidity of Arsenal football club continues to baffle most football observers weekly, but they are surpassing expectations at the moment by stubbornly trying to conduct loan deals when the parent club wants cash.

They could have already resolved their defensive and midfield issues but are reluctant to part with cash until the summer but to those clubs selling, the Arsenal name means very little when they want to reinforce themselves. They aren’t interested in complex installments, down payments, incentives and appearance clauses. They aren’t in the position to accept long winded five year deals, worked out by a team of frugal accountants and the legal mumbo jumbo of a solicitor.

Years ago, Arsenal may have been in a position to knock on doors and grab what they want on favourable terms but the world of football negotiations has moved on and if they aren’t prepared to deal in cash transactions, negotiations tend to be very short.

Several names have been mentioned in connection with Arsenal such as Dayot Upamecano (RB Leipzig) but £45/£50m is not something Arsenal are prepared to part with at this stage of the season. It appears Raul Sanllehi and Edu are finding it hard to buy diamonds when they are only prepared to pay pennies but the realisation that they might miss out again on another star player may just prompt action.

As we all know, Arsenal prefer to ignore Mayfair on the Monopoly board in preference of the Old Kent Road and that mentality has lead them to this current position of being as close to a forth place finish as they are to third from bottom.

So the Gunners are more likely to ignore common sense and agree terms with Jerome Boateng because of the relatively low outlay but come the summer, if they upgrade, what will have been the point.

In the World of false economy, Arsenal reign supreme and in league of the make do’s, Arsenal are kings. Year in, year out, the Gunners appear to be oblivious to their past mistakes and seem determined to make them over and over. Injured players, high profile bench warmers on loans and last minute panic purchases, Arsenal are the masters of the misfits.

Now the deal for Bruno Guimaraes has hit a rough spot with his club, Athletico Paranaense, declaring that they want to retain a 20% share of the player.


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Arsenal are stupid enough to do that but what is 20% of a player ? The feet and shins ? the head and shoulders ? Who knows but it’s a shit deal, the type Arsenal like.

With the transfer window ending soon, something needs to change because if Arsenal think they can cruise to the end of the season or limp into a Champions League slot, they are mistaken.

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