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Blinkered Arsenal Fans Could Hinder Progress for Young Gunners

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One win and Arsenal are Barcelona, one loss and they are the Aldershot reserves. From the dizzy and emotional highs of a stunning win against local rivals Spurs at the Emirates to the wet and depressing Amex stadium where Arsenal fought hard for a point, the supporters are continuously elated or deflated in their search for a team they recognise and one that can challenge for honours again.

The ordinary, seasoned fan appears to be in the minority to some degree as they are gradually replaced by supporters who aren’t completely invested in the intricacies and unpredictability of the game. This new supporter is more concerned by league positions and is unashamedly success obsessed. That’s not a bad thing as long as it’s balanced with the size of the task ahead and appreciates that getting back to a level of success takes time.

Some Arsenal supporters may have felt empowered by their bold and militant rejection of the Super League and with clubs having to back peddle to maintain their relationship with supporters and they may have misjudged their position going forward.

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Clubs such as Arsenal are establishing new links between the two parties but make no mistake, the day-to-day running of the club will be out of their hands. The reactions of some fans are impossible to rationalise with the mood changing rapidly after a negative result and there is evidence to suggest that many players are coming in for unnecessary criticism.

I’m not suggesting that fans aren’t allowed an opinion, but the tone and ferocity are completely out of context with the performances and overlook the fact that a few of the targets are still learning their craft. I’m talking about Smith Rowe and Saka who received lavish praise against Spurs but were savaged in some quarters for their performances at a soggy Brighton.

Arsenal supporters need to remain patient while this young team develops or risk damaging its potential. Perhaps, fans need to assess ambition and expectation for the benefit of the club they have chosen to support.

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Many of us supporters have known lean years, during which we’ve seen several Arsenal sides without any competitive edge but we have suffered the ups and downs together and a point away from home, even if it was fairly uneventful is certainly something to be applauded in this team’s fourth full match together.

George Graham’s sides would bank what I call a dirty point or unexpected 0-1 win and he was deemed tactically astute, these days, if you don’t win 0-6 your manager is inept. At present’ Arteta’s side needs better, less fleeting support, Arsenal may not have the best of seasons this term or the next, but the project has only officially begun in my opinion.

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