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The Transfer Landscape Is Changing As Arsenal Lead The Way By Setting New Rules For Transfers

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The way transfers used to be conducted is changing drastically at Arsenal. The days of cash up front transactions are long gone and clubs look to complete their business in an inflated market place without the necessary cash.

It’s true that deals have been structured for years, it’s not a new thing but clubs like Arsenal are using a new long term model that increases the length of payments and they have also shown they are not adverse to loan or swap deals.

Arsenal’s initial bid for Crystal Palace forward, Wilfred Zaha, was jokingly referred to as an Argos deal because it offered £40m and a series of add ons. Gunners fans were mocked mercilessly but it now appears that it may have made perfect sense in today’s transfer window.

In retrospect it was almost inevitable that changes needed to be made, when a player is considered to be worth €185m, who can afford it apart from the elite clubs. Yet even Real Madrid and Barcelona are having to trim the fat by entering into deals they previously wouldn’t have entertained.

Arsenal surprised many when Arsene Wenger managed to swap Alexis Sanchez for Henrikh Mkhitaryan in 2018 but it was a move that will be repeated in the future by many premier league clubs.

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There’s even talk of a potential swap involving Manchester United’s Romelu Lukaku and Juventus forward Paulo Dybala, which may or may not happen. So, it’s s trend that’s slowly catching on.

Arsenal then made a massive mistake with the Dennis Suarez loan last season but the experience was invaluable from a negotiations point of view and lessons have been learned.

You can also expect transfers like the Nicolas Pepe deal, which include a hefty deposit and staggered payments over five years, to be more common as the price of the market heads towards a ceiling. It can’t carry on , despite the rewards, prices will find their natural limits or the financial implications to clubs could be devastating.

Arsenal are currently moving the naughts around to facilitate Kieran Tierney’s transfer but it’s both the payments plus the fee that are the stumbling block, however, it is resolvable.

Just today, it’s rumoured that Barcelona are going to hold talks with Arsenal regarding the loan of Philippe Coutinho with a buy out clause. If this is true, it could be a particularly savvy purchase that serves the three parties involved perfectly well.

The loan deal will certainly delay the massive fee involved which could be as high as £80m but It allows Arsenal the time to sell off its surplus players and offset its debts by balancing the books.

This is shrewd and only time will tell if it’s a complete success but Arsenal fans will at least be happy that the club is attempting to rebuild.

I’m still not overly keen on Raul Sanllehi and Vinai Venkateshem but one has to say that with the addition of Edu, this transfer window is surpassing expectations.

Any more acquisitions would throw Arsenal fans into a complete meltdown, after a series of transfer windows that have failed to raise the pulse by more than a single beat.

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