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Buying Partey Does Start The Party But is it Enough to Guarantee Arsenal a Top Four Finish

Thomas Partey, Arsenal

Well, you have to admit that the transfer window for the summer of 2020 was a fairly decent one, mainly because several obvious problems were resolved, especially in defence. The addition of Thomas Partey from Atletico Madrid was a bolt out of the blue for Arsenal on the final day of negotiations because the deal appeared to be dead.

Arsenal fans were particularly pleased to acquire such a high-quality performer in a standout deal that dominated the domestic football headlines. Social media was awash with examples of the Ghanaian running rings around Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool in the Champions League last term or owning Lionel Messi in their tussle when Atletico Madrid battled Barcelona. Such was his addition that major punters like Betway instantly started offering significant odds on Arsenal finishing within the top four this season.

Thomas Partey, Thomas Arsenal,
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Arsenal’s soft midfield was a major concern for Mikel Arteta and as hopes of Houssem Aouar’s transfer disappeared due to his agent’s ridiculous fee, Arsenal went for broke to get Partey. Now, he is officially the Gunners’ new number 18, there is an obvious question for supporters.

With the English Premier League always being one of the hardest leagues to predict in the world, it was always going to be difficult for Arsenal to figure into that but does buying Thomas Partey now atleast guarantee a Premier League top-four finish and qualification to the Champions League for Arsenal?

Of course not, he is just one player but what a player he is. A formidable presence and powerhouse performer, who adds a steely dimension to Arsenal’s spine. Partey’s game is not just as a defensive fire blanket, he can instigate counter-attacks after strong interceptions and has a fine repertoire of passes.

With Partey reinforcing the midfield and Aubameyang, Willian, Pepe leading the line, major bookies like Betway have already recognised Arsenal’s capabilities and have started offering significantly better odds on Arsenal securing one of the four highly coveted champions league spots this season. If you haven’t already, you can easily Bet on english premier league with Betway right here. I’d say that on the evidence of what we have all seen recently, Arsenal’s chances have certainly improved by 20 percent. Arteta now has to find the balance between creativity and defence and in the case of Partey, provide him with a partner who complements his game.

Does he re-evaluate his formation to accommodate Ceballos in a more forward position or pair the midfielder with Xhaka, who would be tasked with a less offensive role? Arteta has certainly made huge strides to bring a new cohesion and shape to Arsenal, but I doubt Arteta will be inactive in the next transfer window.

The future of Dani Ceballos is far from certain and Arsenal may need to spend once again to complete the second phase of the puzzle. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel these days and Arsenal fans have a lot to look forward to.

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