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Former Arsenal Players at a Crossroads ; Sadness in the Uncertainty

Arsenal fans are notoriously soppy about certain players that have worn the famous Red and White shirts. The majority are rational beings who will wish former players well when they move away from the Emirates. I was sad to learn that the contracts of Danny Welbeck (Watford) and Jack Wilshere (West Ham) have been terminated by mutual consent.

Jack Wilshere has a special place in the hearts of Arsenal fans because he was perceived as one of our own and that sentiment is also accompanied by the sadness of an injury blighted career. Wilshere is an extremely gifted player who had a big future ahead of him.

Jack Wilshere
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Blessed equally with quality, vision, and touch, Jack Wilshere was close to having a career in North London that elevated him to superstardom but he fell short because of repetitive injuries that robbed him of the career he deserved.

The club finally gave up on him and you could see the disappointment etched onto his face as he left for West Ham. He played up the positives and his family links with the club, but it all sounded hollow. No one could have predicted that the player’s career would dip so drastically. Wilshere without a club? It was completely unthinkable but thats how fortunes turn, kind of like how it happens in a game of cards in casino sur internet

I felt thoroughly deflated because of Jack Wilshere, on what should have been a joyous occasion after the acquisition of Thomas Partey and then, I was told that Danny Welbeck had also been released by Watford. Although I didn’t hold him in such high regard, I freely admit that Welbeck’s talent was never really allowed to shine through at Arsenal.

By all accounts, he is an extremely likeable, hard-working, and decent human being, but his touch as a striker often let him down and I remember telling a friend that his scoring ratio was probably one in five. Having said that, I’m not happy with the outcome for the player I once referred to as ‘Fanny Welbucket.


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Then, at the very same hour, I was informed that Theo Walcott was returning to Southampton, which is pretty much a one-way ticket to the middle or lower reaches of the Premier League table. Walcott came to Arsenal (2006) and was immediately hailed as the new Thierry Henry for his blistering pace and eye for goal, but that type of hype was a weight around the player’s neck that he couldn’t rid himself of.

To end up back at Southampton seems like a comfortable option for a player who offered some much and returned so little. When he was hot, he was exceptional, but he just wasn’t consistent enough and as a result, he couldn’t hold down a regular slot in the side. In these uncertain times, it seems that the life of a professional footballer is not guaranteed to the degree it once was.

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