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Powerhouse Denis Zakaria Could be a Brilliant Fit for Arteta’s New Look Arsenal

Denis Zakaria, United

The blood is well and truly pumping at the mere suggestion of a possible transfer of Denis Zakaria to North London. The Swiss defensive midfield powerhouse represents a fierce obstacle for any opposition and the prospect of him lining up alongside Thomas Partey is enough to produce a cardiac arrest.

Denis Zakaria, Arsenal
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1.91m of determination and controlled aggression, a warrior who enjoys nothing more than an old fashioned physical encounter and he’s someone who’s not afraid to bring the devil with him to win the ball. Yves Bissouma has been mentioned but I’d lean heavily in Zakaria’s direction to beef up the Gunners squad. He’s 24 and isn’t even at his best yet, but believe me, he has a lot to prove and a great deal of potential.

He’s emerging from Borussia Mönchengladbach as a rising star and if Arsenal don’t make a bid, then a Premier League side, City or Liverpool surely will. Recently valued at £27m, Denis Zakaria represents great value in today’s market and he would be the equivalent of trading a Renault Meghan (Xhaka) for Ferrari.

He’s brave, solid, tenacious and can let fly but if you consider how soft Arsenal’s underbelly has been over 13 seasons, then this transfer makes perfect sense to even the most witless football observer. He’s the type of player you might slip past but he’s also one that keeps coming until he gets what he feels is rightfully his…the ball.

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Confident on the ball, aware of the avenues through to goal and able to defend and attack in equal measure with focus and concentration, signing Denis Zakaria this summer would send out a message to the top four sides in the country.

If I was Edu, I’d be on the phone until the deal was done and dusted. If we could add him to Lokonga, White, Tavares and a creative midfielder, this would have been one of the best transfer windows for 10 years or more. I’m already looking forward to the season but if this deal comes through, I’d put money on a top-four finish.

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