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United Fans Decide To Take Drastic Step Against Ed Woodward And Glazers

An Ed Woodward Out banner is set to be flown over Turf Moor next Sunday., EFL Championship

Pleasing your fans is one of the toughest and most important things for a football club, especially if it claims to be one of the biggest in the world. If the transfer window wasn’t enough to disappoint the Manchester United fans, then the game against Brighton was surely enough to make it worse. One man now finds himself in the firing line as a result – Ed Woodward.

The team suffered a humiliating 3-2 defeat away to Brighton last Sunday with a lack of fighting spirit, and their inability to come back from being down proved to be too much for the fans. To make their feelings clear to the club, they are reportedly set to fly an Ed Woodward out banner next Sunday.

United fans funded a plane with a banner “LUHG -Love United Hate Glazers” which was to be flown over White Hart Lane hour before game againstĀ Tottenham on Monday. Due to light restrictions though, the protest has been shifted to next Sunday for the clash against Burnley at Turf Moor.

The last time United fans did something like this was back when David Moyes was in charge, and was in the line of fire for under-performing. This time, it isn’t the manager facing the backlash – the fans are happy with Mourinho (atleast for now).

They are however extremely unhappy with the Glazers and Ed Woodward. Lack of transfer activity in the market and an early loss at the start of the season gives the fans enough reasons to go after the management. After being linked with multiple players and landing none, things are now taking a toll as the team seemed to be very ordinary against a much weaker opponent. But the question is, is this justified? That too so early in the season?


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Being a United fan I know its tough, its been tough for all these years after Sir Alex because the team is known for winning, producing young talent and dominating year after year. That has been missing all this while. Fans are frustrated because they know nothing other than winning and this phase makes them anxious and the wait is heartbreaking.

Honestly, United definitely missed one necessary defender this transfer market but I don’t think that the management is to be blamed for that. The transfer market is absolutely crazy and then you have people like Godin taking use of the potential scarcity and demand in earning and leveraging their way to better pay checks, which makes bringing in improved signings quite a difficult scenario.

If the manager is confident about a player he mostly signs him, even if the club has to overpay for him. Mourinho himself was not confident though, and kept looking for more and more options. Anyway, all talk is now irrelevant as the squad the club have at present is to be worked with. So rather than focusing on the past, the club needs to back the manager and the players to pull through, and the same should be done by the fans.

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