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Will Gareth Bale turn the fortunes of Manchester United?

Gareth Bale, Arsedevils, Manchester United

Gareth Bale, one of Football’s biggest talents, was recently instrumental in a 6-0 Wales win over China, in which he scored a hat-trick. The former Spur’s player had been playing at the Bernabeu since joining them for a record signing fee of £85.3m in the outset of the 2013-2014 season.

The young man shined in his number 11 jersey as he evolved from being a signing whose transfer fees were mocked to becoming a regular face in the whites of Real Madrid.

Gareth Bale was a left-backer who was pushed to play in the wing after showing great potential when he was at his old club – Tottenham Hotspur. Described as an explosive player with a strong left foot who can shoot from outside the penalty box and who can out-run pretty much everyone on the field, earning the moniker – The Cannon from the Spanish press.

The Welsh International plays on the right wing for the Galacticos, the left being the fiefdom of Cristiano Ronaldo. His natural ability to convert chances into goals means he can be played as a center forward as well. He is also one of the best free-kick takers in the game, having the magic legs that can freely bend the ball.


It’s no surprise then that the United boss Jose Mourinho is trying to woo the Welsh star to the Theatre of Dreams, with United being absurdly weak when it comes to the right flank with none of the recent stars being natural right-wingers. The current roster is filled with stars who are trying to beat each other to secure the starting spot on the left flank.

With Fellaini leaving, having a player with the caliber of Gareth Bale joining the team will undoubtedly bolster the attacking options available to Mourinho, not to mention that Bale has previous experience of playing in the Premier League and can also be played as a center forward, to give some reprieve to Lukaku. Maybe then United will start to convert chances.

But, not everything is as rosy as it would seem, Bale has been hit by a series of injuries in the past two seasons with Real Madrid, only appearing for 38 matches in both seasons, combined. That he managed to score 16 goals with the injuries plaguing him should be a testament to this raw talent.

Hasn’t Mourinho learned from the grand Zlatan experiment? Will this be another costly signing in which the team only gets to use the venomous potential for 19 matches in a season? Should the team then have to ration the matches which Bale plays?

God ‘Zlatan Ibrahimovic’ parts ways with Red Devils

Then there is the concern that the management is only hiring Gareth Bale to sell merchandise, that they have no interest in winning matches that was clearly visible in the way they handled Di Maria. It is then no surprise that former United legend Ryan Giggs wants Bale to stay back with Real Madrid.

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