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Revealed: Top 5 Greatest Comebacks in FIFA World Cup History

FIFA World Cup, World Cup 2018, Russia

As the managers organise their teams and players get ready to show off their skills and abilities in front of the whole world, FIFA World Cup takes off as the signature event begins tonight in Russia.

The FIFA World Cup 2018 kicks-off in Russia tonight as we set ourselves to witness the magic of the Beautiful game once in every four years. National teams vie for the Golden Trophy as sparks of artistic skills and spell-bounding soccer will engross us.

Not only this year, the FIFA World Cup always gives us the unexpected. The World Cup never fails to surprise the football fans with all the new players showcasing their talent and the big European clubs trying to grab their signature.

As football fans, we all have our favourite moments, goals, players as well matches. Today we discuss about the top five greatest comebacks that have taken place in FIFA World Cup history.

1. 1954 Quarter Final, Switzerland vs Austria.

To start with, the Quarter-Final between Switzerland vs Austria in FIFA World Cup 1954 was an upset that fans will never forget. Within this match, there were a total of 12 goals scored, which itself set a world record as the highest scoring game in World Cup history. Plus, the day was 104 degrees Fahrenheit!

Switzerland started off the game strong, scoring a three-goal lead after the first 20 minutes. Then, Austria’s Theodore Wagner scored twice to combat those goals. To follow, the team drew ahead before the end of the first half, gaining a total of five goals over four.

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Theodore Wagner scored his hat trick in the match, the seventh-ever hat trick to be made in FIFA World Cup history. The game ultimately ended in a 7-5 victory for Austria.

2. 1954 Final, West Germany vs Hungary.

The FIFA World Cup Finals of 1954 finally ended up being between West Germany and Hungary. Within 10 minutes of kick-off, Hungary struck the net twice to take a lead of two goals in the game.

For most West Germany fans, this meant the game was over after being thrashed 8-3 earlier in the World Cup group stage. However, the German players did not agree, especially after being badly beaten earlier in the Cup.

FIFA World Cup, World Cup 2018, Russia
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Germany tied the game with goals from Max Morlock and Helmut Rahn soon after Hungary took the lead. The match seemed to be anyone’s game until the 84th minute. Germany took the chance and ran with it, ending the game 3-2, winning their first ever FIFA World Cup.


3. 1966 Quarter Final, Portugal vs DPR Korea.

As one of the most nail-biting games in FIFA World Cup history, the 1966 Quarter-Final match between Portugal and DPR Korea was unpredictable, even for the players. While Korea took the lead by scoring their first goal within the first minute, Korea racked up a three goal lead over Portugal.

However, Portugal did not take this as the end of the game; it was the Finals. Within three minutes, they scored their first goal and before halftime, the score was 3-2 which made the Koreans a little uncomfortable. When Portugal returned to play the rest of the game in the second-half, they were a new team altogether mentally.

FIFA World Cup, World Cup 2018, Russia
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With two strikes by Eusebio, who was popularly known as the ‘Black Panther‘ and the final goal by Joe Augusto, the game ended in a surprising 5-3 victory for the Portugal team.

4. 1974 Final, West Germany vs Netherlands.

West Germany has been known for registering some of the greatest comebacks in FIFA World Cup history, and 1974’s FIFA World Cup Final between West Germany and Netherlands was one of those finest games for football fans.

Although the match took place on home turf for the Germans, the Netherlands scored on them after just two minutes of play, creating an anxious atmosphere in the arena among the fans.

FIFA World Cup, World Cup 2018, Russia
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With an amazing penalty kick by Paul Breitner, the game was level. The finishing factor to the comeback was provided by Gerd Muller just before the end of the first-half, the German team secured their second FIFA World Cup title in 1974.

5. 1982 Semi Final, West Germany vs France.

Often regarded as one of the best World Cup matches of all time, the 1982 Semi Final showcased, yet again, West Germany’s intense ability to recover from being behind. It was also the first game in a FIFA World Cup that resulted in a shootout being the determining factor of the winner.

The game went back and forth; while France would score, Germany would score right after, and so on. If that didn’t keep fans at the edge of their seats, we don’t know what would.

If this wasn’t enough action, the controversial injury of Patrick Battiston after his collision with German goalkeeper, Harald Schumacher, which left Battiston unconscious and with two missing teeth, damaged vertebrae, and three fractured ribs. And there was no foul.

FIFA World Cup, World Cup 2018, Russia
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With no more substitutions left, France played on with ten men conceding twice in 10 minutes to tie the match 3-3 in Extra-time. This unfortunate event came to be known as the Tragedy of Seville and the incident still haunts the Frenchman.

Ultimately, Germany won the shootout, as the team could not have let down their star goalkeeper after performing such an act.

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