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Kroenke’s Arsenal Takeover: Everything You Need to Know

Arsenal Kroenke

Not long ago, Alisher Usmanov confirmed the sale of the Arsenal shares owned by his company, Red and White Holdings Plc. and Stan Kroenke is adding nightmare fuel to this situation. The Uzbeki was in control of around 30% of the club’s shares, but had recently agreed to sell them to

Petr Cech Involved In Twitter Battle With Bayer Leverkusen For All The Wrong Reasons


The Premier League kicked-off for Arsenal as they hosted Manchester City in their opening game. But apart from the Gunners losing the battle on the pitch, one Gunner, Petr Cech soon lost one on Twitter. To everyone's surprise the veteran goalkeeper started the game and the Arsenal half as supporters bore

Revealed: Top 5 Greatest Comebacks in FIFA World Cup History

FIFA World Cup, World Cup 2018, Russia

As the managers organise their teams and players get ready to show off their skills and abilities in front of the whole world, FIFA World Cup takes off as the signature event begins tonight in Russia. The FIFA World Cup 2018 kicks-off in Russia tonight as we set ourselves to witness

Iconic Moments in the Long Past of FIFA World Cups

FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup brings images and memories to mind that will stay with us forever, providing you are old enough to remember some of the older ones, of course! Whether you are interested in the games because of your knack for online betting, or just watching and cheering on your favorite

Revealed : Some of the Greatest and Historic Upsets in the History of the World Cup

FIFA World Cup, World Cup 2018, Russia

How often have we seen lower ranked teams defeat numero uno teams in the World Cup. Occasionally We have witnessed quite a few teams on their day doing the impossible over the other. A fight between David and Goliath. Given the world cup stage is where the best of the world compete

From Lampard’s Disallowed Goal to Three yellow cards for player : Most Shocking Events ever to occur in World Cup History

World Cup

After every 4 years, football fans come forth to watch the greatest players from all around the world compete on the biggest stage: The Fifa World Cup. The world cup feeds us with a coupe of exquisite skills and wonder goals. But besides that it also throws in some shocking

Battle of Nuremburg : Portugal vs Netherlands the Blood studded affair with 4 Red Cards and 16 Yellow

Portugal vs Netherlands

“Football is something like war, whoever behaves too properly is lost” * Rinus Michels Football for all its valiant nature and physicality is often compared with wars and many greats of the games and the pundits alike would agree on this. There have been many brutal instances in the past bringing the battlefield

Football, Drugs and Escobars of Colombia : Craziest Moments in the History of the World Cup

Andre Escobar

Escobar was a name that instilled fear among the Colombian Government and people. Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria known for his drug trafficking and ruthless murders was always on the hitlist of CIA and DEA. But the people from Medellin(Escobar's hometown) worshiped him for his philanthropic deeds and Pablo for his

Revisiting the 7 Historic Moments of the Fifa World cup from its Inception in 1930 to Present Day

World Cup

Football is the game which has been loved by mankind since its inception and it has been enjoyed by every age group all across the world and still in the modern electronic times it has continued its magic with the popular international tournaments and events such as World-cup which have

Fifa World Cup Moments : 5 Incredible Fairy Tale runs in the World Cup Which have made the Game so Beautiful

Fairy Tale runs

The World Cup is just a few days away and all the teams are gearing up for the opportunity to represent their country at the grandest stage of all. It begins on 14th June 2018 at the Luzhniki Stadium, the largest stadium in Russia with a seating capacity of 81,000. In