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Here are The Five Crucial Remaining Premier League Fixtures That Arsenal Need to Watch out For

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Arsenal fans and gamblers looking to bet on Arsenal football matches until the end of the season are eagerly waiting to see if the Gunners will stay at the top of the EPL table. The remaining matches seem very competitive, and any team in the top 4 positions could snatch the title. This write-up pinpoints the matches Arsenal must win to claim the title this season.

5 Important Fixtures Arsenal Must Win to Claim the Title

Without including the Europa League fixture in this tally, Arsenal have more than ten matches remaining till the end of the season. Of course, all these matches are important to them if they want to keep Guardiola’s side off the lead. However, there are some tough sides the Gunners must defeat to ensure they remain in position one at the end of the season. They include:

1.   Liverpool vs. Arsenal on 8th/March/2023

It’s been a tough season for Liverpool, considering the fact that they finished 2nd last season, just one point behind Manchester City. Many factors have played a part in Liverpool’s loss of form, with the significant one being injuries. Key players such as Diogo Jota, Virgil van Dijk, and Luis Diaz have had to stay on the sideline for lengthy spells due to injuries.

However, this is not a guarantee that Arsenal’s visit to Anfield on 8th March will be a walk in the park. For starters, the Gunners have not beaten Liverpool at home since 2012. Besides, Liverpool seems unpredictable after beating Wolves on 1st March.

2.   Manchester City vs. Arsenal on 26th/March/2023

Currently, the Gunners are 5 points ahead of Liverpool in the Premier League table. They must keep this pace to ensure the Citizens don’t snatch the title from them.

The last time Arsenal beat City was on 18th/7/202o in an FA cup semi-finals. That means the Gunners have not won against Guardiola’s side in the Premier League since 2015, with City winning 12 matches of their last 13 meetings with Arsenal.

However, Arsenal will have an extra day to rest before facing Manchester City on 26th March. According to the League’s official TV schedule, Arsenal will host Southampton on April 21st, while the Citizens will face Brighton the following day. Arsenal can take advantage of the extra day to rest and prepare for Guardiola’s side the following mid-week, which could potentially decide their fate as EPL champions.

3.   Arsenal vs. Chelsea on 29th/March/2023

Chelsea have been struggling since the departure of Thomas Tuchel, who won the UEFA Champions League In his first tenure as Chelsea manager. According to pundits, Arsenal has a better one vs. one performance index with 99.

Chelsea has 23 goals and 31 points, placing them in 10th position. On the other hand, Arsenal has 56 goals and 60 points, which places them at the top of the table.

Besides, Chelsea hasn’t won against Arsenal since 20/4/2022. Most fans are sure Chelsea will look weak in the return leg amidst the current confusion since Graham Porter took charge.

On the other hand, Arsenal needs to prepare well because this meeting could be a chance for the Blues to compromise one of their London rivals’ bid for the Premier League title. Besides, Chelsea’s new signing, Mykhailo Mudryk, will be eager to prove his worth for Chelsea on 29th March if his impressive debut at Anfield is anything to go by.

4.   Newcastle vs. Arsenal on 6th/ May/ 2023

A visit to St. James’ Park will definitely remind Arsenal how they lost their chance to play in the Champions League last season. Arsenal had lost to Tottenham, who were 4 points behind them, before losing again to Newcastle. On the other hand, Tottenham had three matches remaining, and they capitalized by beating Burnley. Nevertheless, it seems Arteta has been able to turn things around at Emirates.

Currently, Newcastle sits at position 5 with 41 points, 4 points behind Tottenham. The Magpies are determined to secure a top 4 position, which is one of the reasons Arteta should watch out for them on 6th May. Besides, Newcastle are the only domestic side to keep a clean sheet against Arsenal this season.

5.   Arsenal vs. Wolves on 28th/May/2023

After playing Nottingham, Arsenal will face Wolves in their last 2022/23 Premier League campaign fixture. Considering that City are currently trailing Arsenal with five points from behind, Arsenal’s home game against Wolves could be the one to determine whether they will lift the EPL trophy since the 2003/04 Premier League campaign. Manchester City will visit Brentford in their final match on 28th May.

Final Word

Although all the remaining matches are crucial for Arsenal, Arteta needs to come up with solid strategies to beat the above sides for him to secure the Premier League title this season. This includes rotating his player since he still needs to show up in the Europa League race. After all, he only has four EPL matches to worry about in March, which could allow him enough time to strategize on winning the remaining games in May.

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