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Rumblings about Kroenke’s arrival at Arsenal and the search for the first ever sleeve sponsorship

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Arsenal majority shareholder Stan Kroenke’s son Josh Kroenke has apparently arrived in London on a 3 month review of the clubs activities on and off the field adding fresh impetus to the ‘catalyst of change’ that had been promised to the supporters after last seasons difficulties on the field.

It is certain that senior Kroenke, the much maligned and universally criticized majority shareholder of Arsenal will hand over the ownership reins of the club at some point in the future to his son Josh who has already been made the president and governor of the family’s Denver Nuggets basketball team and Colorado Avalanche ice hockey team along with being on the board of members at Arsenal Football club.

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And now in an exclusive report by Daily mail, it is being reported that Kroenke jr has taken a flat in London for the next three months and is visiting every section of the club in an attempt to get clue about how to run a football club because judging their other sports investment and this club it quite clear that none in the family have any sort of clue about how to run any club at all.

While is it quite a departure from the Kroenke family’s usual methodology of running clubs with their hands-off approach being what the club and its fan base have been used to seeing for years now. It also seems high time than an actual owner takes atleast an minuscule amount of interest in the club that they have been leaching on for years.

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Even though the recent transfer activities have somewhat marked a departure from the parsimonious nature of our dealings in the transfer window, it is also worth noting that the club actually spends what it earns and at no point of time have there been any reports of the ownership actually investing a single penny from their own pockets rather than using the clubs coffers and revenues to finance its activities which means its not their credit if the club has spend what it has on Aubameyang and Ozil contract renewal.

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Meanwhile there is also another significant development in the our commercial revenue making department with the news that Arsenal are set to significantly revamp their jersey for the 2019/2020 season by including a sleeve sponsor for the first time ever in their history.

In an attempt to compete with the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City off the field if not on the field, the club will look to emulate the deals secured by their counterparts in an attempt to bridge the gap with them commercially atleast.

Arsenal’s big financial challenge is to bridge the commercial annual gaps to the two Manchester clubs that have been calculated at more than £100 million. Sleeve sponsorship is generating around £8m for Chelsea and Manchester City and Arsenal have a huge opportunity in trying to bridge that revenue gap with both their t-shirt sponsorship with Puma and stadium and shirt sponsorship with Emirates coming to a close at the end of next season.

arsedevils, adidas arsenal concept kit
Adidas Arsenal concept kit

While both the deals are not expected to be market changing the least the club could hope for is something similar to what is being offered to Manchester United and Chelsea. Chelsea, by comparison, now have a £60m Nike deal while Manchester United lead the field with their £75m Adidas contract. Both the clubs have an enormous world wide popularity and fan base which has been a factor in the deals being secured by them and that is exactly what Arsenal will look to capitalize on when negotiating new deals with potential sponsors.

At this stage the only way in which Arsenal can compete with their rivals is by beating them first off the field and then look to use that on the field. That bald inept sloth-like CEO of ours is presently the highest paid CEO in the entire Premier League and we wonder what it is that he is paid to do. The entire club is virtually run by the Boss unlike all other clubs in the league and you would think that the least he could do would be to do his job in running the commercial side of things.

It is only now that the entire hierarchy is realizing how far back commercially and out of competition we are from the rest of the top 4 competitors when we are unable to compete with them on the field. This has quite clearly resulted in that massive clearout in the summer that we witnessed and the recent few new commercial deals that the club has struck this season. It makes you wonder why it only took a season without champions league and another potential one to realize that we have fallen behind and really need to get the big bucks from somewhere if not from the owners.

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