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Ozil’s fall from grace continues as EA FIFA 20 fail to include the German misfit in their top 100 players

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Mesut Ozil’s fall from grace is now complete, in every sense of the word and in any universe the German playmaker, who is surplus to requirements at Arsenal now appears to be obsolete in one of the most popular football games, EA’s FIFA 20.

Vorsprung Durch Technik !

Mesut Ozil, who can’t buy 90 minutes of action on a real pitch, has been discarded from the fictional world of gaming. It’s the latest snub in a long line of endless snubs for a player who is attracting less attention by the week.

I don’t think it’s unrealistic to say that Arsenal appear to be lumbered with two players that no one wants in Ozil and Mustafi and it’s becoming increasingly likely that they will continue to run down their contracts until they leave on a free.

From what I understand, there has been very little interest in both and Ozil’s stock in particular, has dipped so much that the playmaker was deemed an unattractive proposition for the clubs Arsenal tried to interest in loan and purchase options.

It’s also my understanding that Unai Emery has informed the player that he will only feature when others are unavailable or as cover for those more prominent in his plans.

It’s far from ideal as Arsenal’s biggest wage drain continues to draw a salary of around £350,000 per week, which is an insane amount for his non-contribution last season. In fact, if his performances were based on effort and results, Mesut would owe Arsenal money.

Ozil is apparently happy at Arsenal, no wonder !

Yet, how can he be ? I’ve never heard of a player being happy when he doesn’t play on the big stage. It’s more likely that the midfielder realises that the big time is passing him by and his next stop, if he’s lucky, is the MLS or in the Chinese Super League.

It’s hard to see one of the top six in the Premier League bidding for his services and ego surely won’t allow him to play for the likes of Leicester or Wolves. Manchester United were said to be extremely interested a few seasons back but now ?

The last thing they need is another Sanchez, Pogba or Lukaku, so Ozil shouldn’t expect a phone call anytime soon.


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Mesut Ozil has been an amazing talent, but his day is done. A player who had everything to make him a global legend, yet he couldn’t showcase it often enough when it counted.

The hoo-hah and razzmatazz that used to surround the German and had people on the edge of their seats trying to fathom out how he delivered the final killer pass, has long gone, along with his Arsenal career.

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