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Why It’s Time To Cash In On The Experienced Shot Stopper


Despite Unai Emery’s vote of confidence and support, the Arsenal career of Petr Cech is in its final stages. Someone, as experienced as Emery, will surely have noted that Cech no longer commands his area, and is prone to unforced errors and bouts of flapping in defence of his goal.

The almost comical slice against City, the match which Arsenal lost 2-0 eventually, when Petr Cech nearly put the ball into the back of his own net, raised even more doubts about the veteran goalkeeper. Although one can cite his experience as a positive, there can be few who refute that the writing is on the wall.

Moreover, Bernd Leno is waiting. Less experienced, but with the ambitions of a young man, who has everything to gain. The pressure to cut the youngster loose is building with each glorious gaff. In fairness to Petr Cech, he has never had the protection he enjoyed at Chelsea and Arsenal’s rickety defence has made him more unsure of his own abilities.

The Czech Republic International has to anticipate the errors and misjudgements of others and often scampers around the area like a chicken avoiding the attention of the local butcher. I’ve personally never seen him in such a run of inconsistent form and Jose Mourinho’s former employer must have rubbed their hands together to the point of combustion when Arsene Wenger made his enquiry.

Mourinho, for all his faults, knows when a player is past their best and although he was initially reluctant to part with the shot-stopper, the current Manchester United manager must have laughed himself close to unconsciousness when the cheque cleared.

Jose Mourinho managed to offload Wayne Rooney in the same way and is fast becoming the equivalent of a pension’s advisor for professional footballers. No doubt, the LA Hawkshite’s or some other curiously named American ‘soccer’ team awaits, when Petr Cech becomes available, probably at the end of this season.

It seems, once your career in the Premier League is at a close, the only option left is the MLS, where any ‘Carlos Kickaball’ can improve their tan and scoop up one last payday, as long as the majority of their body parts are still in place.

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