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PSG Preparing For a New Rebuild With Strong Interest on Marcus Rashford: is it Time For a Move?

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PSG are getting used to the idea that they will start next season without Kylian Mbappe. For example, in a recent Ligue 1 match against Rennes, he was substituted at 0-1 in the 66th minute.

Head coach Luis Enrique said after the game:

“Sooner or later we will have to learn to play without Kylian Mbappe”.

They got back on track without him as Gonzalo Ramos scored from the penalty spot on 90+7.

For football enthusiasts who closely follow the dynamic shifts and strategies of top clubs, especially those interested in the evolving landscape of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) as they prepare for a new era without Kylian Mbappe, keeping up with the latest developments is crucial. To enhance this experience, accessing comprehensive betting and game analysis becomes essential, making the best 1xBet app for iOS a valuable tool for fans who wish to engage more deeply with the sport. This transition period for PSG, marked by the imminent departure of Mbappe, signals a pivotal moment for the club as they aim to recalibrate and strengthen their lineup for future challenges.

It’s Time to Build a New Project

So it’s time to build a new project. The 200 million euros freed up for the wages of the main star will now be spent on transfers.

According to The Times, PSG’s sporting advisor, Luis Campos, has been tasked with spending the freed-up funds on building a young team capable of winning the Champions League. The priority is to buy a striker: Victor Osimhen and Marcus Rashford are on the interest list.

The Englishman has a contract with MU until 2028 – much will depend on the position of the new minority owner Jim Ratcliffe, who influences transfers. Campos was already in talks with Rashford in 2022, but then the cost of Mbappe’s contract got in the way.

L’Equipe journalist Loic Tanzi has a wider list of potential newcomers. According to his information, the Parisians instead of one superstar want to come to a harmonious distribution of duties. The club intends to strengthen all lines.

The main target in the attack is Victor Osimhen. He has a special bond with Campos: the Portuguese found the forward in 2017 at a tournament in Nigeria and immediately believed in his talent.

Kampusch only managed to attach the striker to Lille in 2019, when he had already played in Germany and Belgium. Campos has long wanted to reunite with Osimhen, while Victor is not opposed to returning to France.

Other Players

Bernardo Silva is another player that PSG have been dreaming of for more than a year. He has a contract with City until the summer of 2026, but this summer activates an affordable €60m pay-off.

The young Silva was taken from Benfica to Monaco when he had yet to make his professional debut – Luis was told Bernardo was too puny for the tough Ligue 1, but the Portuguese insisted on signing him.

The Parisians are also hoping for another Portuguese, Rafael Leão, to return to France. He has a contract with AC Milan until 2028, but it also includes a pay-off. And yes, Leão was once signed for Lille by Campos.

Another big name on the list is Mo Salah. It seems that PSG are now interested in any top player who is nearing the end of his contract. The Egyptian has an agreement with Liverpool until the summer of 2025 and tempting offers from Saudi Arabia.

The Parisians want Joao Kimmich in the support zone. They came for him already in winter, but then Bayern quickly issued a refusal. In the summer, the French will try to negotiate again: the German has not developed relations with Thomas Tuchel (however, the coach will soon leave the team), and his contract runs until the summer of 2025. A point guard of elite level would suit Luis Enrique.

PSG are also considering Bruno Guimaraes from Newcastle for this position.

The signing of promising youngsters (especially French) is another important part of PSG’s new project. For example, the Parisians want to sign Lille’s 18-year-old defender Leni Yoro, who is already being chased by Real Madrid, MJ and other top sides.

“PSG also want to poach Gavi from Barça. Luis Enrique’s trust may help here”

In addition, Paris can return Javi Simons from the loan to RB Leipzig. The Germans wanted to keep the midfielder for another season, but the rebuilding after Mbappe’s departure could disrupt those plans.

The club’s commitment to building a young, capable team that can challenge for the Champions League title is a testament to the ambitious vision of its management. The focus on securing players like Victor Osimhen, Marcus Rashford, Bernardo Silva, and others, alongside nurturing homegrown talents, underscores PSG’s determination to remain at the pinnacle of European football. This new project, spearheaded by Luis Campos and endorsed by coach Luis Enrique, promises to usher in a new era for PSG, one that could redefine its identity and strategy on the footballing stage.

In conclusion, while the departure of Kylian Mbappe may initially seem like a setback, it also offers PSG an opportunity to reinvent itself and pursue glory through a collective effort rather than individual brilliance. This strategic pivot could well be the dawn of a new, exciting chapter for Paris Saint-Germain, one that could see them achieve their long-coveted dream of Champions League success and further solidify their status as a powerhouse of European football.

The journey ahead will undoubtedly be watched closely by fans and pundits alike, as PSG seeks to navigate the challenges and opportunities of this bold new project.

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