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Adams Rips into Arsenal’s Hierarchy For Dismantling Former Recruitment Chief’s Entire Scouting Network Under Raul Sanllehi

Tony Adams

Tony Adams was a magnificent Arsenal Captain, a shocking manager of Gary Neville proportions, and is now a so-so football pundit. The truth is I rarely agree with Tony, who despite my love and admiration over many years, annoys me to new and troubling levels.

I’m told that many former players found him the same during their playing days because of his self-important attitude, patronising ways, and insatiable ego. It’s something that he hasn’t lost even on TV.

Tony Adams
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His main problem is that he seems perpetually perplexed by his missing invitation to join Arsenal’s coaching staff but there’s a reason for that. His man-management skills are questionable at times and if you don’t believe that, look at his record as a manager in football.

Yet, Tony Adams has recently spoken about the Arsenal hierarchy’s lack of experience behind the scenes and questioned their transfer policies. That outburst was like listening to an entire Dido album, I felt calm, reassured and comforted that someone else had the temerity to voice their concerns.

Tony Adams claimed the suits behind the scenes were “out of their depth”. He also accused Raul and the gang of ‘blowing up‘ the carefully crafted recruitment network. He told talkSPORT (via Daily Mail):

“My fundamental issue is with recruitment. I think the club is going through such a recruitment issue at the moment – it’s not relying on agents.”

Damn…I’m starting to love this guy all over again, even if his mannerisms drive me to the point of committing a homicide.

Of course, it was music to the ears of talkSPORT producers, who love it when someone decides to deride Arsenal, particularly former players. Adrian Durham would have become dizzy with excitement to the point of running around his garden naked whilst banging a tambourine.

Adams continued:

“That’s not the way to go (agents) It’s not arsenal DNA i’m afraid. I don’t like it. I’ve got to say it publicly.”

“It took Steve Rowley 40 years to build that scouting network; it did brilliantly, got the best players from around the world. And it’s just been blown up.”


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He went on to describe Edu as a beautiful man but minus experience of building teams fit for Europe but was less flattering when it came to Raul Sanllehi:

“Even Raul Sanllehi, came from Barcelona, all the money in the world, it don’t look like he’s going to get money.”

“Those people are out of their depth, I’m sorry. They need to build a fantastic squad that challenges for the league and it hurts.”

He’s completely right of course and I’ll now happily forgive Tony Adams for anything.

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