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Lucas Torreira Picks Up An Injury On International Duty As Arsenal Fans Get Ready For Panic Mode

Torreira, Arsedevils

Arsenal fans are praying hard for two things at present and I mean on bended knees with both hands firmly pressed together. Firstly the withdrawal of Lucas Torreira from Uruguay’s 2-1 win over Costa Rica, was purely precautionary due to a knock. The second is that Uruguay decided not to play him in Wednesday’s meaningless clash against the United States.

I understand the problem is no more than a knock which has probably caused a stiff muscle but from an Arsenal point of view, it will almost certainly mean the inclusion of Granit Xhaka in the side to face Watford on September 15th.

Fans have long given up hoping that Unai Emery will see the Swiss midfielder as a liability because, for some inexplicable reason, he keeps appearing on the team sheet regardless of his glaring mistakes and shoddy performances.

It’s almost like paying a mugger to relieve you of your wallet and telling the attending police that it was your fault for having so much cash.

Xhaka appears to have magical powers, he is able to convince two managers that he is somehow worthy of playing in the premier league in the current Arsenal side ahead of Torreira.

Emery has been reduced to the role of the forgiving priest at a confession, demanding he says ten Hail Mary before handing him the captains armband.

I don’t want to labour the subject, I feel I’ve almost exhausted it but perhaps the captain’s armband means nothing these days and is no more than an accessory, like a tie or a hat.

It means little giving it to Xhaka who has all the attributes of a hapless race horse with three legs with an overly plump jockey onboard. Torreira should start every game for Arsenal in the premier league, arsenal need a good cover over their defensive lines and Torreira can provide exactly that.

I’ve made a case for selling the Swiss midfielder in another blog and by the sounds of it, I’m not alone. Hundreds of fans have taken to social media to voice their concerns over the midfielders inept displays, urging Emery to sell at the earliest opportunity and promote Torreira in the midfield like last season.

Xhaka lacks concentration and focus and in tight situations, he’s the 12th man for the opposition. Let’s join the prayers, hope that Arsenal get lucky and Torreira is back to his ankle snapping best.

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