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The Express Jumps on The Arteta Out Bandwagon With Two of The Flimsiest Reasons Ever

Mikel Arteta, Arsenal head coach

You can always rely on the press to lick its lips at the prospect of some major disappointment involving the Gunners. Of course, Arsenal are not where they wanted to be in a season disrupted by Covid-19 and rebooted out of financial necessity, but it isn’t over and expectations were already low when they hired Mikel Arteta.

There was so much wrong at the Emirates, had it been a ship, Unai Emery would have been the victim of a mutiny and by the time Arteta got the job, the season was realistically already over.


Arteta, training, Charlton
(Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)


The fans and the media are rarely on the same page, but they have perversely joined forces to examine the position of the Arsenal coach after two losses, first to one of the best teams in the Premier League and former runaway champions and the second against a physical side that seemed to follow Tony Pulis’ blueprint for the much-hated Stoke City.

Yes, the two games in question haven’t exactly covered Arsenal or Mikel Arteta in glory but its just two games, one where a loss was almost expected. Despite the objection of fans, Arsenal do not have the quality and depth of Liverpool or Manchester City and their current problems stem from second rate management and an incompetent owner.

The writing has been on the wall since Wenger’s contract extension offer and if we are brutal, a further 8 seasons before that. The Express believes Arsenal should look at Arteta’s position for two reasons:

“Firstly, results. When Arteta first took over the Gunners experienced a bounce and a boom – with players appearing liberated by Emery’s departure.”

“Certainly, the manner of how they beat Manchester United at the Emirates in January was impressive. That night, it was Ole Gunnar Solskjaer under scrutiny But, in the time since Arsenal have regressed again.”

It also cited the Gunners departure from the Europa League at the hands of Olympiakos but then, the Express played its hand by adding:

“The second reason why the Gunners board should be seriously weighing up the Spaniard’s future is the availability of Massimiliano Allegri”

Ah, the agenda is revealed, but they fail to say why Allegri would go to a broken club that seems determined to promote from within whilst resisting the urge to spend funds on established stars.

I’m sure Allegri is waiting by the phone as much as Arsenal are prepared to let him have total access to the club’s funds to spend how he sees fit. This is desperate journalism and we thought it was desperate during Covid-19 lockdown without any football.


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Stan Kroenke has made a series of horrible mistakes involving Arsenal and at this rate, he’ll be actively looking for a buyer but even he will not sanction the sacking of Arteta or the hiring of Allegri after a single season. The full focus will come back to the board if yet another manager was appointed and things remained the same.

There’s more failure to come before success arrives. Fans have to learn to cope with periods of ugly unsuccessful football, just ask Leeds or Manchester City, two teams that are at opposite ends of the football scale, one that used to reign supreme and one that could easily do so.

We are all fed up with the performances, but the only way is up from here! Mikel Arteta isn’t the problem, Arsenal are.

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