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Arsenal Should End This Embarrassing Spectacle By Paying Ozil Off And Let Him Play Football Elsewhere

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Emery continues to praise Ozil for his efforts and commitment in training but it just doesn’t feel genuine. It feels like the executioner has just sharpened his axe and has taken to admiring the neck of the person standing by the ominous looking wooden block.

The standoff between Emery and Ozil now needs mediation and that falls to Edu, to end this tragic and bitter impasse. It’s clear that Ozil will not play in an Arsenal shirt unless injuries claim the majority of the other players, so before January comes, someone needs to take ownership of the situation.

My suggestion, pay Ozil’s contract in its entirety and let him chose where he plays next as a free agent. Now before you start jumping up and down, he’s being paid for not playing and I’m discounting the 70 minutes in a cameo role.

Since joining the club in Sep 2013, Mesut Ozil has earned over £44m and he makes £1.4m a month, £16.8 per year and if he just played 38 premier league matches, he’d earn over £442,000 per match except he doesn’t play.

So far Ozil has banked £3.15m in wages this term and is on course to stash another £31m even if he never graces the Emirates pitch again during the remainder of his contract. What’s the point ?

If Emery doesn’t want him,cut him loose. It’s not fair on the player and it makes Arsenal look utterly ridiculous. Either pay him and play him or buy him out, it will be less painful to watch and despite everything, Arsenal are preventing the player from performing and in many other professions it would probably merit some form of legal action.

Clubs take action against players for not returning from international football or for not training, so why can’t a player take a club to court for continuous non inclusion into a squad and by not even making the bench.


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It’s happened at grassroots level already in a case involving Winnersh Rangers FC who were found guilty of ‘emotional abuse’ and fined £3000 after a 10 year old boy’s father sued the club for substituting him during a game at a pre-season tournament.

Ozil’s emotional abuse has been far worse and has left the players reputation in tatters, not only that, his resale price has dropped and realistically, Arsenal won’t get much more than £20m. Money aside, the growing discontent among Emery and Ozil has led a huge crack in the arsenal fanbase which leads to constant banter and fights.

There’s no doubt about the talent Ozil holds, and Arsenal certainly lacks the creativity he can offer but if Emery does not want him in the squad, its better to solve the issue as soon as possible by selling Ozil in the coming transfer window.

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