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Brilliant News on Romelu Lukaku Injury by his compatriot and why it should get us very excited

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Jose Mourinho is concerned that an injury that could be costly for Manchester United but is optimistic about the return. Romelu Lukaku has an ankle injury and it couldn’t have come at any worst time.

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On Sunday, the Belgian forward, suffered a knock after a strong tackle by the Arsenal’s debut defender, Konstantino Mavropanos, which saw him limp off the field at the 50th minute of the match. Even though United won the match it still has Mourinho worried about the injury.[spacer height=”30px”]

Since the start of the season, Lukaku has regularly been on the score sheets. It has felt like with Lukaku on their side, United could go against any team and Lukaku has proved his worth and the manager’s faith this season by scoring 26 goals in all competitions.[spacer height=”30px”]

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The ankle injury was diagnosed and despite the initial fears about his season being over the present reports have some good news for United supporters.[spacer height=”30px”]

Belgian football expert, Kristof Terreur, has now revealed that the injury would not rule out Lukaku for long.

Having been aware of the exact prognosis He tweeted:[spacer height=”30px”]

“First diagnosis of Romelu Lukaku’s ankle injury: not one that would keep him out for weeks.”

“A scan still has to confirm it.”

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This is good news, because United has the FA Cup finals fixture on 19th May, and their best striker being fit just in time to play it would be very important.[spacer height=”30px”]

Quoted in Daily Mail,Jose Mourinho speaking on the injury after the game said:[spacer height=”30px”]

“I don’t think it’s something or I hope it’s not, that is this moment keeps him immediately out of a game that is in three weeks’ time. But I don’t know.”

“He wants to play all the time. He I never tired and, when he has small things, he doesn’t care. He still wants to help. So, for him to say immediately, to change him, it is because he couldn’t play.”

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It isn’t a sounding yes from the boss about his possibility of return, but he doesn’t seem too concerned which I assume surely is a good sign.[spacer height=”30px”]

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United have proved it time and again, that they can win matches even without Lukaku. With Lukaku injured, Rashford needs to step up and fulfill his duties and has quite often done that. United have three more league matches, and they have already secured a Champions League spot so his absence might not be that important in this present juncture given that United need just four points in three matches to stay on the second spot.

What is the Manager doing with Anthony Martial?

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United has enough attacking power and prospect to win the League matches, but the FA Cup finals require the special skill sets of Lukaku and his towering presence on the field.  Lukaku has been known to recover from injury quickly and it is exactly what United needs him to do with the fa cup final in mind.[spacer height=”30px”]

It is still to see what happens in the FA Cup final. It would be a shame for Lukaku to miss the final fixture with an injury, that too when he is in a spectacular form.[spacer height=”30px”]


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