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Ivan Gazidis is the Bonafide Villain of the Arsenal Panto and is Ultimately Responsible for the Chaos at the Club and the Lame Appointment of Unai Emery

Ivan Gazidis

I really can’t contain my loathing for Arsenal’s one time CEO Ivan Gazidis and whilst reflecting on the Gunners’ current circumstances, I’m increasingly convinced he was the architect of Arsenal’s complete collapse.

Some will mention Kroenke and ultimately, invisible Stan should have jettisoned the Dark Lord years ago, but Ivan Gazidis had a finger in every stinking pie and convinced the American owner that he had a handle on the operations… he didn’t.

In his time at the club, Gazidis only ever had one challenger and that was Arsene Wenger. Both were entrenched in the high powered battle of wills, with Gazidis attempting to use his influence to oust the Frenchman at boardroom level.

It became a distraction from the on field matters and the CEO used this to his advantage by slowly eroding the managers support until he was unable to continue. Ivan Gazidis eventually had to go the same route as Wenger after Kroenke decided he didn’t need his CEO any longer, but his final gift to the club was the appointment of Unai Emery.

Arsenal have almost become a Shakespearean tragedy in which the universally disliked and shady villain exacts his revenge on his benefactors for a perceived slight.

I almost imagine Gazidis influencing the clueless bunch of non football folk by bamboozling them with a series of stats and an elaborate power point show. He then hypnotised them with meaningless waffle as they supped Darjeeling tea from the finest china cups in the boardroom.

It was the con of the century, a perfect reprisal for his dismissal and one that has seen Arsenal fall apart. Kroenke was and is out of his depth and he allowed a master of deception to pull his pants down one last time and embarrass him on a grand scale in the football universe.


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Of course, it’s probably all a fantastic coincidence but Kroenke cut Ivan Gazidis off when he was so close to impersonating David Dein as Mr Arsenal.

Between the monolithic hierarchy and those that haven’t a clue about running a top football club, Arsenal have been plunged into a vortex of chaos. Since Gazidis’s departure, the hierarchy have shown how incapable they are and I include everyone except Edu, who hasn’t had sufficient time to fuck things up yet.

This next appointment had better be good, if not Raul Sanllehi can’t avoid responsibility any further.

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The Highbury Flyer
Anti Kroenke , anti Gazidis but always a gooner. Still wishes he could watch from the stands at the Highbury library.

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