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The Ramsey Situation – Wage Bill, Real Madrid and Arsene Wenger

Aaron Ramsey has appeared for a total of 7 matches this season for Arsenal in the Premier League. Ever since, his Euro Cup 2016 was a catastrophe, his form seems to have taken the same course as his performance. Being an aggressive player on the pitch, Aaron Ramsey has represented Arsenal in more than 300 games throughout his career with 59 goals and 59 assists across the last 10 years.

Ramsey is the longest serving Arsenal player on the pitch and is a very senior placed individual when compared to a player of his expertise. The Welshman was denied a contract extension as the Londoners felt it was difficult to accommodate him constrained due to his salary demand which was £200,000 per week.

Payroll for Mesut Ozil was a £350,000-a-week contract last season and £200,000 deals to debut representatives  Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Henrikh Mkhitaryan. Arsenal find themselves on a tight leash which could lead Ramsey going into the transfer market for free.

For the past two seasons, the North Londoners weren’t able to book a Champions League spot. This situation only gives them a restricted amount of money that is to be spent wisely on transfers and deals. Leaving the last game after half-time, an impressive Alex Iwobi played a huge role in the goals that followed in the second half that resulted in 2-0 against Watford. A disappointed look with a shaking head by Ramsey gave it all away.

Liverpool seem to have been the first to join in the race of acquiring Ramsey from Arsenal for free. With James Milner already proving to be successful, worthy inclusion who arrived at Anfield from Manchester City for free.

The prospect Aaron Ramsey is a good passer of the ball, provides with key balls through the defense and the long shots tend to be a lot more central play. Governing the pitch, from the midfield, can expose Ramsey to a lot more of a defensive and initiating a counter attack opportunity.

On The Sunday Supplement, Don Draper said

My reading of it is, if you stay out of the Champions League for two years, you have to make some hard choices.”

“Arsenal’s wage bill is pushed to its absolute max because they’ve signed up Mesut Ozil, they’ve signed Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Alexandre Lacazette was a record signing and that was all before the Unai Emery era so he has no wiggle room. If you are going to pay someone around £200,000 a week, you’ve got to be sure he’s your number two or three player.

My guess is Emery probably doesn’t think that.”

Although Ramsey got a great applause when he was subbed off in the second half against Watford, the uncertainty around him will continue to grow until an official statement is released by the club representatives or by the player himself.

Till then, he’s an Arsenal player and no matter whatever is going to happen in future, his contribution to the club must be respected. Scoring the winning goals in two FA Cups, and scoring some beautiful goals, no matter how Arsenal fanbase is divided on their opinions about the Welshman, Aaron Ramsey has been a loyal servant to club.

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