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Ex-Real Madrid Player Questions Unai Emery’s Capability of Handling of World-Class Players

Salgado, Arsedevils

Former Real Madrid star Michel Salgado has doubts as to whether Arsenal manager Unai Emery can handle star players and their big egos. Unai Emery has often been criticized for leaving important players such as Mesut Ozil out of the matchday squad with the Spaniard being unhappy at the German’s style and work ethic.

The 47-year-old tactician had similar problems with star players including Neymar, Edinson Cavani and other players in his two year stint at Paris Saint-Germain and it ultimately cost the spaniard his job. However, Salgado stressed that the issue of managing big egos has been a challenge throughout the Spanish tactician’s career.

Salgado told Malaysian network Stadium Astro about Emery after Arsenal’s win over United:

“He’s a special manager like [Rafa] Benitez. He needs a squad with no big names, with no big egos. He cannot handle big egos.”

“He needs a squad with team-work players, players that he can shape, that he can develop, that he can get into his system.”

“Then if he’s got depth in his squad and the right players to work for him during the season and they follow him and are ready for it, then he can get results like he did in Sevilla, winning three Europa Leagues back-to-back because the players were ready for him.”

“They were great players, but no big egos, no big names. I think he needs to learn how to deal with egos. He’s still learning.”

However, Salgado reserved special praise for Ozil and believes that the playmaker is important for the team’s chances of progress going forward.

“I think, here, the squad is quite big for him.”

Salgado added.

“Ozil can be the only one who is a special player because he’s a talented player.”

“It’s the job to try to get him into the system because he will need him. A team like Arsenal needs sometimes a different player, a talented player, that’s Ozil for sure.”

Despite the criticism of Salgado about Emery’s handling techniques, Arsenal have been a much better team this season as compared to the previous year. They have made progress as they finished last season at 63 points and they already are on 60 points. And with Arsenal strengthening their grasp on a top four finish by beating Manchester United, Unai Emery has proved all his critics wrong.

As far as the players with ego are concerned, Emery does try to stamp his authority, as spotted out by Salgado, on such players because he believes in putting the team above any player and he is not going to change that. Emery wants his players to perform week-in-week-out and it should be no surprise that the player who does not performs is left out.

Arsenal have entered in a new era under Emery and Gunners should back up their manager who is going to restore Arsenal as a Champions League club.

Maheshwari Kanishk
A future Engineer who supports Manchester United and wants to see the team play its attacking football and winning many titles for the years to come.

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