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With One Impressive Transfer Window Under Their Belt, are Fans Beginning to Warm to the Kroenke’s

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I can imagine the reaction of the majority of fans to a headline that suggests a thawing in relations between supporters and the Kroenke’s. Josh Kroenke’s recent PR exercise tried to offer another olive branch to the masses after the fiasco of the failed Super League by embarking on a recent spending spree and by indicating that it hadn’t finished.

However, although the mood has become more sedate and protests are no longer a regular feature on the calendar, there remains a distrust of the American owners, not because of their geographic origin, but because they have always appeared detached and lacking passion.

Kroenke's and fans
Stan Kroenke with his son Josh Kroenke (Image obtained via the The Independent)

When Josh recently tried to absolve KSE by claiming they’d only truly been in charge since 2018, he added weight to the opinion that the Kroenke’s would sell off the family silver only to blame the buyer for taking the opportunity. Kroenke junior always could make the right noises for the media, even if the fans aren’t prepared to drink from the same cup.

Yet, many fans are starting to soften their stance towards the Kroenke’s due to a turnaround in form, a sudden feel-good factor and a decent transfer window that delivered the promise of genuine quality in key areas. In a recent conversation with a lifelong Arsenal fan who was vehemently against the Kroenke’s, there was a distinct and unexpected change in his opinion.:

“I’m not for them necessarily but look at Newcastle, would you prefer that type of ownership? At least they’re spending money on the club and Stan’s finally out of the picture.”

I reminded him that SK had both hands on the wheel since 2011 and had been responsible for running the club extremely badly at arm’s length ever since, but that failed to register:

“Yes, they’ve made mistakes but Wenger and Gazidis were responsible for the decline.”

Although this point of view isn’t universal, it’s gaining traction on a limited scale, although few would put Wenger and Gazidis in the same group. Does the recent run of good form mean that the Kroenke’s are subject to a full pardon? Of course not.

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They can’t run away from their previous recruitment failures, contract disasters and calamitous behind the scenes appointments by spending money that should have been spent significantly earlier. It’s amusing to think that if Arsenal suffer a poor spell before we get into January, the leniency towards the Kroenke’s will no doubt disappear as is common with the new breed of fans. The protests will start again and the owners will be called to account.

Some of us will take some serious convincing before we forget over a decade of decline.

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