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Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere: The Would be King That Lost His Crown

Jack Wilshere

It was fairly tragic to learn that Jack Wilshere was without a club and had to lay his soul bare to open doors to the football universe. He sat sombrely talking about depression, family and finding himself washed up at the age of just 29, which will come as sad news to every Gunners fan.

Wilshere was, as we all know, an immensely gifted player beset by injuries that never allowed him to reach the full potential his talent deserved. Like David Rocastle, the parting of ways was incredibly difficult with neither club nor player heading in the right direction.

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Much has been made of Mikel Arteta’s ‘open door offer’, but as I said on social media at the time, it was an offer to train and use the facilities, not an offer to play for the North London outfit. A source close to the club informed me that Arsenal were willing to help in any way they could, but that the likelihood of it resulting in a return to the Arsenal midfield was highly unlikely.

They went on to say that the club was very much looking to the future with a group of younger players and in creating openings for their emerging academy talent. The source added that it would be a miracle if Arteta and Edu changed their current mindset and that Wilshere would have to bend over backwards and perform cartwheels to reverse that opinion.

The club has strong links with Wilshere, but it won’t be emotional in its decision making and that Wilshere was more likely to be part of the past than the present. Something that was echoed by former midfielder David Hillier who said that he also had an inside source.

As fans, we are incredibly loyal and faithful to certain stars and I doubt there are many fans who wouldn’t like to see him at his imperious best in the heart of the Arsenal midfield. It’s a beautiful notion, a Hollywood-type script that has a happy ending but they are few and far between.

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