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With his Position Being Untenable, Will Granit Xhaka Ever Feature Again for Arsenal

Granit Xhaka

It was inevitable that Granit Xhaka should be removed as Arsenal captain after his recent meltdown against Crystal Palace. Although one has a degree of sympathy for the way he was goaded by fans after meandering off the field, he was provoked more than anyone I can remember.

Having said that, his actions were not of a captain and the ear cupping and orchestrated arm movements made matters a thousand times worse. His ultimate sin was to remove his shirt and screw it up on his way down the tunnel and I’m convinced that had he thrown it, he’d be outbound and definitely transferred in the summer.

As it is, his Arsenal career is in tatters and it will take a minor miracle to turn it around. Emery will no doubt include Xhaka at some point because he is seemingly oblivious to his indiscretions, particularly the disrespect shown to the jersey.

If you think that’s an exaggeration, then you should have listened to fans in the local pub after the match or viewed any Arsenal forum to gauge the outrage Xhaka managed to create in a single moment of madness.


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Xhaka may want to resurrect his Arsenal career and Emery may be willing to assist him in that aim but the fans might not be so obliging. The midfielders reasons for his emotions were extremely valid and anyone would be appalled at the death threats to his wife and the vile comments regarding his child getting cancer.

Regardless of his performances, absolutely no one deserves this disgusting type of treatment. It’s a violation and a crime to hound an individual for simply not achieving something with a football.

Xhaka is not a international terrorist, he’s not a murderer and he hasn’t stolen from children’s charity. He just hasn’t lived up to expectation and in the light of his treatment, he should be allowed to leave and start anew. This isn’t going to end for Xhaka, certain fans will bait him when he plays and it’s obvious that he has never truly been accepted by fans. His position is untenable.

Emery needs to realise that although he is the coach, he has a responsibility to do what’s right for the player and throwing him on the field of play to be barracked and booed isn’t it.

The Spaniard has enough problems on his plate at the moment and the distraction of this episode with Xhaka needs to be handled firmly and in the best interests of the player and club.

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