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Ed Woodward MASTER PLAN : Big Ed REVEALS He Has A Massive Plan To Swiftly Turn United Into Champions By Doing This

Ed Woodward

Ed Woodward, the man who is the reason we still have David De Gea, has been linked to another rumor that may bring a smile on your face if you’re a Red. This time, it is a solid step-by-step plan to overhaul the clubs football management.

That’s right, United and Ed Woodward are planning on a massive overhauling of the club and it starts of with signing the golden glove winner at United to a new contract, according to London Evening Standard reports.

Post Fergie, United have never really looked like title contenders. That is certainly now how you want to portray yourself, if you are the biggest club in the world. Especially if you have the muscle to buy whoever you want at whatever price they command.

Having gone through 3 managers in the space of not even 6 whole years. (4 if you count Giggs and 5 if you count Ole) The amount spent on bringing in managerial choice players since the departure of SAF is close to £600M. That averages to a spending of £100M per season.

So the question begging to be asked is, what exactly is going wrong? How is a title winning team suddenly aiming for a top four spot only? And not achieving that too, sometimes?

Clearly money or tactics are not the problem, since plenty of both have been spent and tried and tested. A new approach and an effective overhaul are certainly in order if United do intend to restore things back to how they should be.

According to reports, a new approach being taken by the United executive management is to change the managerial staff. The intention is to bring in a long term planner and a solid manager – one who can transform this side into title contenders again.

The names being thrown in the fray are obviously headed by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

However, Mauricio Pochettino is also among those considered by many to be the desired choice. Other names in the shortlist include Diego Simeone, and three time Champions League winner Zinedine Zidane.

However, Ed Woodward brushed aside suggestions that Ole had already been given the job when he said:

“We communicated around December time about what we were doing, placing Ole in place as the caretaker.

The next communication with regards to this will be when we have something to announce regarding the manager. We’re not going to give any updates partway through.”

Other developments that might occur include the appointment of a director of football, who might help in appointing the next manager. Mourinho was reluctant to work with this appointment but now that he is no longer here,  Eric Cantona is reportedly considered to be the frontrunner for this job.

Other changes as mentioned by Ed Woodward, straight from the horse’s mouth, are,

“We’ve done a lot of changes within the football side in the last four or five years, in particular around the academy, where we’ve materially increased the investment and we’re seeing the results of that coming on”.

I feel that the infusion of the new attacking freedom and revival of free flowing football at The Theatre of Dreams is certainly a joy to behold – yes, but it is also too soon to give the full time role to Ole.

The loss against PSG proved that there is still a long way to go before contending for Europe. With Liverpool and City playing the kind of football that they are – the same can be thought about the Premier League.

The signing of a top notch midfielder and a solid defender could transform this side. And a change behind the scenes could be beneficial too.

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There are games against Chelsea, Liverpool, City and the return leg against PSG. All of them scheduled within a month of today. As a manager, who has already won his first 9 games in a row, and has inspired mass support from the fans and players, you don’t get a much better ‘make it or break it’ than this.

This is Manchester United, it’s as big as it gets. So sing your “Ole’s at the wheel”, start your “Glory, Glory, Man United” and buckle up for what is surely going to be a memorable month of football !

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