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Does The Champions league and Europa league Finalists Make Arsenal More Attractive In The Transfer Window

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Arsenal have a lot to thank Liverpool and Spurs for in the coming months. The fact that four English clubs are contesting the honours in the top European competitions, Champions League and Europa League has not only showcased the quality of the Premier League, but it has made it extremely attractive to any player that is looking for a new challenge, new home and a greater profile in the sport.

Arsenal and Manchester United will be the biggest winners from this scenario. It’s fair to say that both have suffered in a transitional season under their new managers Unai Emery and Ole Gunner Solskjær. Miracles were expected of both but such things are rare, especially in football.

Arsenal have at least reached a final but like United, they missed out on a qualification slot for the Champions League, which inevitably makes them less attractive in the transfer window.

Yet, Mason McDonagh of Sportskeeda argued that qualification to the competition doesn’t always lead to world class signings.

“When the Reds ( Liverpool) finished in second place in the league in 2014, they could still only buy Premier League proven players. They also spent lots of money on players who have now flopped, the likes Alberto Moreno, Lazar Markovic and Mario Balotelli. The one world class player they did wish to buy, Alexis Sanchez, chose Arsenal, indicating how just one year of qualifying doesn’t immediately mean world class players will want to join.”

He may or may not have a point but in respect of a Champions league final, it will attract a phenomenal audience which hardly works against the teams involved or hinders their transfer plans.

On the subject of audiences, Football whispers stated:

“Last year’s Champions League final, in which Cristiano Ronaldo’s Real Madrid claimed a third successive crown, was watched by around 380million people worldwide.”

Apart from the viewing figures, it’s the prestige of the two events and knowing that every player worth their salt will be watching this all English affair and that it wets the appetite for those wanting to play on the world’s biggest stages.

Of course, Arsenal and United are in bad shape at present, but what a way to introduce yourself to the best league in the world by joining one of its top six teams.

United have the distinct advantage of being able to pay above the odds for a player in terms of the fee and wages. Something perfectly illustrated by Jose Mourinho, who turned Old Trafford into a donkey sanctuary at vast expense.


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Both Arsenal and United need rebuilding and perhaps, even though they won’t be competing for the signatures of the Worlds top 20 players after failing to qualify for the Champions League, they will be able to attract emerging talent with an eye on the future.

Arsenal have less to recover from their clumsy purchases, whilst United need to claw back millions to keep the bank manager on their side and to help them reinvest.

The Gunners will be the standout choice, if they can land the Europa league title under Unai Emery and the Spaniard knows that the acquisition of the title will be a useful tool to encourage Kroenke to loosen the purse strings and entice the type of players he needs to the Emirates.

Stay Tuned to know more.

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