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Is He Staying or Going ? The battle Arsenal face to offload Mesut Ozil And What’s About To Happen This Summer

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It would appear that it’s easier to prize a barnacle off a barge than it is to find Mesut Ozil a new club. It’s no use denying that Arsenal and Unai Emery want to dispense with the inconsistent German’s services after a season of benchings, supposed injuries, illnesses and no shows which saw the Spaniard and German at loggerheads.

Out of necessity and because the options were poor, Emery recalled the midfielder but there was a feeling that it was less of a concession or admission of wrongdoing and more of a lack of quality with what was left over.

The club has apparently had some dialogue with Ozil’s agent, Dr Erkut Sogut and it’s said that the club have informed him that fewer opportunities would be available to his client over the coming seasons.

This was met with a level of disregard from both and Sogut went on to claim that his client would not only remain at the club, but that he was committed to it by saying

“One thing I can guarantee is Mesut’s loyalty. His mind is focused on Arsenal, and Arsenal only. Mesut bleeds Arsenal red, and respecting his contract is a certainty.”

Well, he is a Dr and would obviously need to recognise the colour of blood as part of the job. Yet, if he were genuinely, a professional Doctor in the health sector, surely he would have checked for obstructions in the star’s sweat glands because fans have noticed that there is very little moisture to be found anywhere on the Arsenal number 10 after 90 minutes.

Through a series of well thought out leaks, we now know that Ozil rejected a move to PSG in the January window and The Sun revealed the player had turned down an opportunity worth £1m a week. It’s a pity that the latter story was the same one that was reported by the Daily Mail in November last year, but who said scruples were required in journalism.

Anyhow, there are a few options in this unsavoury stand-off that is just waiting for someone to blink first.

The first option sees Ozil realise the futility of remaining at a club where he is not wanted by the incumbent coach and he instructs his agent to find another club.

The second is that Arsenal offer a lump sum to buy out the remainder of the player’s contract which would be somewhat embarrassing for both parties and lead to a degree of recriminations.

The third scenario is that Arsenal just use him when they have to, pay him his outrageous wage and honour his contract until 2021.

Whichever way it goes, Ozil is in the driving seat in the situation, which leaves Emery as the frustrated passenger applying invisible brakes and pointing out the mistakes.

Out of all the options, a lump sum or counting on the player to find an alternative destination seem rather un-Ozil, so it may well be that the relationship deteriorates further and the German spends less time on the field.

It’s far from being a satisfactory situation but hell, let’s give credit where credit is due and thank messers Gazidis and Wenger for extending the World Cup winners contract beyond their own periods of employment.

Woo hoo, no wonder Arsenal are in a financial mess of epic proportions !

Emery, of whom it has been said is star-weary, has made his objective decision on what he has seen on the training pitch and during matches and there is little point in denying that Ozil has been cruising in games, especially during the key contests.

Emery, rightly of wrongly is about the team. Players working for each other, contesting every ball and tirelessly giving every ounce of effort to achieve a result, which doesn’t sound much like Ozil either.

Ozil is the eye catching player who delivers when surrounded by his equals. He’s not the type to suffer inferior players alongside him, hoofing chances into row Z on a damp evening on the south coast.

We should have seen it coming because the clash between the pair was identified by Emery himself who said, not even cryptically about his inclusion in the side

“Now he is training with consistent work during the last two weeks. He can be (available for selection)


“I like to create the same spirit for all. Every players gets and gives us consistent work at consistent moments. It’s not easy. Sometimes you are better. Sometimes you are worse.”

“With every player I am working and thinking about that the same. The most important for me is how he can help us with being consistent and also when they are ok to train every day and play matches.”


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I can’t see Ozil moving on unless a really big club comes calling, one that he feels is right for his needs and that obviously offers enough money.

Even Judas was cheaper and Jesus didn’t have the problem of moving him in.

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