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United’s last minute trolley dash may not be enough to keep Solskjaer and Woodward in their jobs

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The previous week was awful for the Red Devils. Firstly, Manchester United got battered by Spurs at home and secondly, their timid performance in the transfer market hasn’t even begun to address their problems.

The last-minute trolley dash that included Edinson Cavani has been seen by the fans as ‘underwhelming’ and it indicates that Manchester United either didn’t have transfer targets in mind or that they were content to sign what was leftover.

Edinson Cavani, Manchester United transfer
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As an Arsenal supporter, I should be thrilled at their demise but I feel sad at the speed at which United have become so ordinary. United are woven into the fabric of World football history and they have been a leading light for the English game for years.

For the good of the Premier League, it’s top teams need to be competitive at home and abroad. I’m not sure that those inside Old Trafford understand how bad things are and despite all the chirpy noises coming from the Theatre of Dreams, there is something fundamentally wrong and I believe it starts at the top.

Manchester United have wasted millions in the transfer window and as a result, regardless of their reputation and history, they are stranded in no man’s land after a poor transfer window. They aren’t the attractive proposition they once were, they haven’t got the right players or manager in place and until they address these issues, they will continue to slide.

Worse still is the fact that Ed Woodward is still in charge of this circus and the magic that was once associated with the club has disappeared. Poor decision after poor decision, average players, wasted resources, and a lack of leadership are just some of the reasons they are in chaos. Please don’t defend them by saying that they finished third in the Premier League, is that what its come to?

I don’t care what anyone says, the job is beyond Solskjaer. These days he wears the expression of a nervous schoolboy facing his headteacher, whenever he’s on camera. After the absolute drubbing by Spurs, he looked clueless and vulnerable, occasionally making a positive whimper but his day is done.


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The worst thing they could have done was finish third because it suggested that United only need minimal intervention, they don’t, they need to be broken down and completely rebuilt. Woodward out, Solskjaer out, Pogba sold, a new defence and a new direction are required if United are to get back on terms.

It’s pitiful that a club that could boast the likes of Busby, Ferguson, Ronaldo, Best, Cantona, Law, Charlton, Keane, and Beckham are so bereft of quality. It’s currently a disjointed, mismatched affair and one suspects it will be an unpredictable roller-coaster ride this season, until something major changes.

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