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Manchester United Should Learn And Get Inspired From United Legend’s Claims About Their Present Condition

Van Der Sar

Manchester United have had a terrible start, with only one victory out of the three games played so far. They lost 3-2 in their away game against Brighton and Hove Albion and then went on to face a crushing home defeat at Old Trafford against Tottenham by a margin of 3 goals.

With just three games into the season most of the fans are already rebelling over the lack of performance by asking for a change in management. Moreover this is the worst start the Red Devils have ever had in 26 years of their glorious history.

Speaking at an UEFA event former United Legend, Edwin van der Sar, has decided to add his weight to United’s struggles by suggesting that Manchester United are falling apart and are facing lots of difficulties and doubts about whether they are good enough to keep up with their direct rivals, Manchester City, who have not conceded a single defeat so far. During a recent interview, Van der Sar said :

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“Last year, there was a very big gap [to Manchester City] and this year they’ve started badly, losing two of their first three games,

It will be an uphill battle. You have so many strong teams in the Premier League.

It is going to be difficult this year.”


Van der Sar was a part of United’s golden squad and has won four Premier League titles, the League Cup, Champions League and Club World Cup during his time at the club.

Manchester United is a team with such a remarkable past and I think it would be a fair thing for Van der Sar to comment on United’s difficulties after having seen their performance so far. Is United a worthy contender to the league title? To be honest, I am not so sure about that. After seeing them play in the last three fixtures, I have been quite uncertain about the Reds being a contestant to the title.

Teams like Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City are just giving their best performance and they are just so dedicated, just like how a top tier team should perform. United need a serious morale boost and have to step up their game before it’s too late.

Everyone knows that United can perform way better than their current standards. The errors are silly and their game lacks a certain plan and vision in order to give the opponents a tough competition. But, United must not lose hope. Back in the 2008/09 season, they had a rough start. Starting off the year, United drew with Newcastle, scraped by with a 1-0 win against Portsmouth and lost to Liverpool.

After a few matches, they lost against Arsenal as well. After that, Van der Sar was unstoppable as he didn’t concede another goal for United for the next 1,311 minutes (United won the title in the 08/09 season as well), setting a new single-season world record as he beat José María Buljubasich’s record of 1,289 consecutive minutes without conceding a goal.

This is the Premier League so anything could happen and United must pull out a performance like the 08/09 season if they are still eyeing for the title. Their next game against Burnley is crucial. Mourinho has been piling up pressure ever since the start of the transfer season and every single fixture that he is going to face makes a big impact regarding his future for the club.

Being optimistic is the best thing one could be in times like these, as hopelessness just leads to more and more disappointing results. I may have my doubts about United’s chance of winning but that doesn’t stop me from looking for a ray of hope to turn things upside down.

With only a few minutes left to go, Manchester United are going to face Burnley away from home and I really wish that they give their best and add three points to the table.

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