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A Unique Talent With an Average Appetite for the Game ; Is This Mesut Ozil’s Legacy at Arsenal

Ozil, Mesut Ozil

Mesut Ozil has a beautiful gift. An immensely talented footballer with a sublime ability, exquisite touch and superb vision but like so many before him, he has chosen to waste periods of his career with an attitude and application that didn’t match the talent.

He could have been one of the great players of the Premier League, he could have been up there with the best ever imports such as Henry, Zola, Aguero, Suarez, Ronaldo, Kompany, Bergkamp, Hazard, Vieira and De Bruyne but he isn’t going to be remembered in the same way as that particular group.

Mesut Ozil lacked the intensity, energy, commitment and consistency to join the elite players in the history of the premiership and that is a terrible shame. It’s a personal low, a shameful waste, that someone who had so much natural ability couldn’t even join the greats of his own club.

He’s no Brady, no Petite, no Overmars, Vieira, Fabregas, Rocastle, Cazorla or Pires. All of those will be remembered long before the German playmaker comes to mind.

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Charlie George was Arsenal’s first iconic figure with a powerful engine, fighting spirit, never say die attitude and a screaming right foot. Liam Brady had class oozing from both feet, a cultured genius of the game that could grab a contest by the scruff of the neck and squeeze out a win. Ray Parlour was a dedicated professional, a tireless workhorse and more valuable to the team as a player.

Mesut Ozil will be one of those players that fans occasionally discuss and ask “what if“, a question that can never be fully answered because the player himself never made the most of his Arsenal career.

He is destined to leave Arsenal in the summer and his departure will end three seasons of utter disappointment. Ozil may eventually look back and regret the waste, he may wish that things had been different, sadly it won’t matter.

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