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Is Mkhitaryan An Expensive Toy Whom Emery Has Opened Without The Manual ?

This year we saw the departure of the long time fan favourite Alexis Sanchez and to fill his boots came the Armenian, Henrikh Mkhitaryan from Manchester United in a very rare swap deal.

The far wide midfielder hasn’t yet started for Arsenal but in the matches he was subbed in, he has been the extra reservoir which the Gunners needed.

So far this season, the midfield and the forward have been the least disappointing. Typical forward midfield would have Lacazette in the centre forward and Ozil, Ramsey with Aubameyang in the wing. This leaves out the Armenian out of the play.

Now the question is where would Mkhitaryan fit in the jigsaw of the pacy midfield?

Emery in his grand scheme of things has in mind to make this wide midfielder open in Europa League against weaker teams in a bid to test out eccentric formations and hit the sweet spot through experimentation.

His natural style of play is to be an attacking midfielder but since Arsenal has stuck on with the 4-2-3-1 there is little or no scope for him to be the primary midfielder amongst the likes of Ozil, Ramsey and maybe even Welbeck.

Mkhitaryan would be playing as a wide midfielder and in my opinion he is equally good at it in my opinion from his performances in the matches played till now. Things look bright for Mkhitaryan if Aubameyang starts because that would mean the spot of wide midfielder is open and he would be the most apt man for the gig.

Mkhitaryan would be placed alongside Ozil and Ramsey; Aubameyang wouldn’t play in any position other other than centre forward or as a wide midfielder as it wouldn’t suit his style of play.Things would become a teensy bit more complicated if Lacazette starts. Frankly, Lacazette and Aubameyang chemistry is very vital for the north London side to score goals and it would be a shame to see this duo wasted in the name of experimentation.

Henrikh’s chemistry with Aubameyang dates back to their time in Borussia Dortmund. If Emery could figure out to integrate all the three maestros into play it would be a symphony in making. Now if Aubameyang takes the wing with Mkhitaryan who would get the boot in the midfield; Ozil or Ramsey?

Both are essential to the team and the game and they can’t be pushed to the post of defensive midfielder. It would be logical to start with Ramsey and then exhaust him somewhere in the middle of the game and then bring in the slow tactful dribbler, Ozil. It could be a huge blow to egos but then if Mkhitaryan proves himself in Europa this possibility is suddenly a lot more realistic.

Another possibility is to bring in both Ramsey and Ozil; Ramsey and Mkhitaryan at the wings with Ozil as the attacking midfielder. Aubameyang could be swapped with Lacazette or with Ramsey in the wing. Either way if Mkhitaryan comes in there would be powerhouses being benched which could give rise to some friction for Emery to handle.

Mkhitaryan, right now in my opinion is a great player no doubt. He just hasn’t found his position in Arsenal’s lineup. Pitching in wherever and whenever he can.

His role isn’t significant rather unspecified. To be honest the entire thing is waking up from a terrible hangover and Arsenal are taking their own sweet time to recover after the exit of Arsene Wenger.

It would be a test of fire for Mkhitaryan in the Europa; he could seal his position in the team or could end up being reduced to a very expensive filler in the lineup.

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